Welcome to Steelhead Girls!

Our goal is to be every woman’s gear fishing, salmon and steelhead resource for the Pacific Northwest.

We are dedicated to teaching and motivating women who share the same passion as we do for these beautiful fish. From learning what you need to know to meeting other women and sharing the passion that floods through our veins; Steelhead Girls will be your complete resource!

I am so to take teaching ladies who share my passion to a whole new level. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to learn something new and having no idea where to start. Rest assured, not only is it our goal to have the detail you need, but we are more than happy to answer any questions or provide any articles you desire! From the women who are just starting out, to the women who have been fishing for years, we will provide the information that you need.

Women in the fishing sport is not exactly common in this “man’s world” but Steelhead Girls is here to bring the ladies together, show things from a women’s perspective, and allow other women who share the same passion for fishing to meet and share ideas.

Enjoy the new site and contact us for any questions or if there are specific techniques you would like to learn about!

~ Bry