Welcome our newest partner guide….JPs Guide Service

Steelhead Girls would like to welcome our newest partner guide, Joey Princen!

I met Joey a couple of years ago during fall salmon fishing on the Humptulips River. We rowed down early to get the first few casts on a drift that we didn’t do much. Shortly after we got there, another boat came rowing down and anchored up right next to us. I won’t lie, you get two types of people with the younger generation (my generation): People with attitude which may feel entitled to something, or extremely genuine and respectful people. There aren’t many people that fall in between.

To our surprise, he politely asked if he could fish next to us and explained that he and his clients would stay out of our way so we naturally said “no problem!” I had seen him on Facebook so I knew who he was but had never talked to him and I had no idea if he knew who we were. Again, to our surprise, he was very polite and stayed out of way while we shared the same hole for a few casts.

After his clients hooked a few and we struggled to find the right depth, presentation, etc that the fish wanted, he threw a few pointers our way and we ended up sharing the same hole all day.

We didn’t know that he would become a great fishing buddy and we would fish side by side with him many more times. Over the years we’ve shared fishing stories, tactics, secrets, and he always welcomes us to spend dinner with him and his girlfriend when we’re in the same lonely fishing towns. Joey grew up fishing, spends his summer in the great Alaska, and the rest of the year guiding all over our beautiful state.

Joey’s trips are much more than just catching fish; they are an experience. He is not shy with his techniques and is open to teaching people as much as they want to learn. His boat is built for comfort, he guides the same rivers that he spends his days off fishing, and he’ll leave your with beautiful pictures to make your memories last a lifetime. He’s truly a genuine person that wants to share the incredible opportunities and experiences that can be created in our beautiful state.




We look forward to seeing your experiences with JP’s Guide Service!