Brad’s Super Bait Cut Plug

As most anglers know, the lack of rain and snow in the Pacific Northwest this winter has caused record low river levels and water temperatures this spring and summer. It’s been quite a different ball game fishing the past 4 months and it’s been clear that the fish’s behavior is not exactly typical. We got a first-hand example of this down at Drano Lake this year. The typical herring/prawn spinner were producing a few fish here and there, but the guys fishing Brad’s Super Bait Cut Plugs behind a Pro-Troll flasher seemed to be cleaning house with limits in just a few hours.

The fish want something bigger, flashier, smellier, and faster. Much like steelhead in freezing temperatures, salmon need something more aggressive to draw their attention when the water is warmer. You can bet that I won’t be leaving for a fishing trip without a few of these in the boat at Buoy 10!


The shape emulates a green label cut plugged herring, only with a perfect cut and spin every time. They come in a variety of colors that would be impossible to obtain on an actual herring and throws off flash and sparkles depending on the style – the key to targeting salmon that aren’t biting is to try something they haven’t seen or smelled before!

The Super Bait Cut Plug has a rubber surgical tube that keeps it locked together, but once removed, you can open the lure to expose the cavity. They come with a small foam core that can be used to hold scent and you can add meat for additional scent. Put the rubber tube back on, and the meat/scent will seep out of the slits on the bottom and sides of the lure when you’re trolling.

There are holes and slots specifically designed to guide your leader and keep your hooks in place so that whether the fish decided to engulf the entire plug, attack from the side, or nip at the tail, your chances of getting short strikes and missed bites are far less likely.  Best part? It’s plastic so you’ll never have a blown out herring!

When combining with a Pro-Troll flasher, you want to troll a tad bit faster and use a few ounces heaver lead – with the faster speed, you’ll need your presentation to stay down. The Super Bait with Pro-Troll flasher is going to give a much bigger and flashier presentation which is what the salmon want in this extremely warm water. The rotation of the flasher is bigger than your typical triangle flasher as it does a complete loop and it sends off a lot more vibration to attract the fish.

How to use: