BBR964C 12-25LB 8′ GL2

Backbouncing is a technique that goes slightly unnoticed.

Being more of a boat technique, not only does the rower need to know exactly what is going on beneath the water, the angler does as well.

When you are slowly bouncing your weight off the river bottom all the way through a seem, not only do you need to be able to feel the bottom, but you need to have enough power in the rod to set the hook from any point and with a considerable amount of slack out. However, G Loomis has made this technique a bit easier with a rod specializing in everything you need to back bounce effectively. You’re thinking . . . ”An 8 foot rod? Sounds a bit short and goes against all the necessary reasons for having a long rod with sensitivity.” That’s exactly right! Power and strength is so important when back bouncing because you are typically fishing with a heavy weight and are fishing in currents too fast for any other technique to stay in the strike zone so you need that stout-ness. Also, backbouncing is really Chinook specific and the Pacific North West can get Chinook running bigger than your kids. Especially with backbouncing where you are fishing fast, heavy, and deep water just where the big trophy king likes to hide.

The rod is not only made for back bouncing, it doubles great as a plug rod. When you don’t want to have 10 rods in your boat (well, try not to anyhow), you get the best for two fishing techniques that use the same gear/line and is very quick and easy to switch techniques when you want to row up and plug fish the same hole you just backbounced. Running at just $220, it’s a rod that is worth it to be able to give a presentation that the fish most likely haven’t seen.

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