Grays Harbor Excursion

It was the last weekend to keep kings out in Grays Harbor and we definitely made it count! It was a “mom and dad” kind of weekend I guess with Jeff’s dad, Lloyd and his wife (not our parents but someone’s!), and my parents. After all they have gone through and continue to put up with, they couldn’t be more deserving of a wonderful day on the water.

AMAZING weather, a ton of laughs, and as always amazing company and great fishing to bring it all together. I initially wasn’t going to fish at all this weekend, but was quite jealous when I found out Jeff was going with Lloyd and his wife and his dad. I had so much homework and emails to catch up on, but I just couldn’t miss the last opportunity for kings out there! So I decided, Saturday only! Work the rest of the weekend!

Fishing was great Saturday and Lloyd’s wife had on a monster king! We barely missed it with the net and it snapped the line but it was at least 20 lbs and took about 10 minutes of her life trying to reel it in. We ended up with 2 kings and 3 silvers and we decided it was homework all night for me and then another day on the water Sunday.

My parents were available (that NEVER happens) and this was the perfect fishing for them! I just had to go! And I decided, no phone, no emails, no Facebook on the boat, and I’m not thinking about my pile of homework.  Fishing is typically my escape and lately I haven’t allowed myself to truly get away with my blackberry attached to my hip and the burden of a million things to do when I get home but with my parent’s on the boat, I was going to enjoy every minute of an opportunity that is all too rare. The waters were calm, the sun was blazing, and the fishing was on fire. Everyone in the boat got a fish including my adorable mom who was too worried to grab a rod because she didn’t want to lose a fish. “Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all”! She swallowed her concern and landed a great hatchery Coho (which is so rare out there its way better than a wild fish!) and I am so glad that I took advantage of a good opportunity.


Fishing is not supposed to include Blackberry’s and stress. In fact, we as humans shouldn’t be consumed by technology and this fast paced world. It was truly a pleasure to be able to forget about the time of day except to follow the tide, and to just enjoy each other’s company. I always enjoy fishing no matter what the situation, but sometimes we lose site of the reason we became obsessed and let the obsession take over. It starts being about the biggest and most fish and constant action and big, bright, hens, and I forget that it is my stress relief. Not just another thing to add to a “to do list” and this weekend was a perfect and much needed eraser for my “to do list”. :)