A Little bit of fishing before the rain

I didn’t have much time last week to blog, but last weekend we had a great day on Sunday with Jeff’s parents! I had to work on Saturday but Jeff and his buddies did pretty well for themselves. Jeff even got to shake hands with this beautiful hen and there was a couple more “first steelhead” for a few friends!


On Sunday I was determined to fish even though I had to head back into work that evening. We took Jeff’s parents out and right off the bat, we were bringing fish in the boat. We had a little confusion with how to reel (the spinning reels stay below the rod and if you reel towards yourself, the handle comes off) but after that was cleared up, we were fishing with perfection! Well, sort of :)

As usual, Jeff got the first fish in the boat. Then the second and decided his dad could reel that one in. Jeff must have passed on his good juju because then his dad was on fire! He hooked a total of 6 fish and we were off the river by noon!

This weekend the rain storm just started in and we had a big trip planned with Mike Z in Forks on Sunday, so we thought we’d mess around a little on Saturday. We headed out despite the rising rivers and pouring rain and while we only got one fish all day, it was another first! Our friend Jerry brought his brother out and he bared the rain and got his first steelhead! We headed out a little bit early because we started getting soggy and got rained out Sunday so we watched the Seahawks take another win home!