A whole new breed of fish

We’re over the early salmon runs and were ready to head to Gray’s Harbor for the REAL fall salmon when we made the last minute decision to fish the rivers because of full moons and less than ideal tides. We headed to the coast and the first day, did pretty well for the entire boat! I went 0 for 6 unfortunately, but the weather cleared up, we had good company all day, and Jeff limited pretty early in the day.

We went razor clam digging that night, our buddies cooked up the most amazing 10PM dinner, and we were ready for day two. I was determined to land at least one fish Sunday.

Well, when we launched, the weather was great and within 2 minutes of heading down river, the storm kicked in. We fished in a darn tsunami. Well, not really but it sure felt like it! I hooked a nice coho first thing in the AM and lost it right at the bank. I will say however, it was not my fault and my fellow buddies didn’t feel the need to move out of the way when it wanted to run, so I was pretty limited on how I could fight it. All in good fun, everyone was hooking up here and there so I wasn’t too upset :)

I was expecting to hook up again, but the bites died down and we decided to head out and it unfortunately took us 2 hours to row to the takeout because of an incoming tide AND upstream wind. Poor Jeff…….

Hopefully we either get a lot of rain to push the fish in the rivers, or we get little to no rain this week and they open Gray’s Harbor back up :)