Am I going to catch a springer or what??

Well it was my birthday weekend and I had an amazing time with Jeff and my family, however, I am extremely sad to report that I DID NOT catch a fish :(

Saturday was filled with errands and birthday parties, but I decided Sunday was the day to fish for sure! We headed to the Cowlitz for a little springer action and I fished ALL DAY LONG with no success. Jeff landed this one around 11 AM so the day was looking bright. Little did we know, that was the end of the daily bite.

We went through 4 quarts of eggs, 2 dozen sandshrimp, and who knows how much scent! I tried both free drifting and float fishing and Jeff even pitched a few spoons but there was nothing else in sight.

So now, I smell like bait, my waders are officially broken in with a thin layer of egg slime encrusted on the thighs, my cheeks are pink, and I guess I’m happy there’s springer in the freezer. Still not my fish and I’m a wee bit bitter, but hey….It’s early and I usually get my fair share of Cowlitz springers so I should share the joy of catching them every once in a while :)