Grays Harbor Fishing….

Fishing out on Grays Harbor was slow this weekend to say the least. But it’s not always catching fish that makes it a good time out on the water. Of COURSE that is the ultimate goal, but with a sunrise like this, I couldn’t ask for a better way to start my Sunday morning.

We ventured out with two others Saturday morning in hopes for a repeat of the previous weekend’s great fishing. With winds comparable to hurricanes (exaggeration), we were freezing and waiting for the bite. Around 8 AM, the first rod doesn’t even slam down before it starts peeling line and the leader snapped before Jeff could even get it out of the holder. Lesson learned: nothing less than 40lb from here on out. About 10 minutes later, another rod slams down and we get a 14lb coho. Certainly one of the largest I’ve seen out there and it put up a great fight thrashing on the surface all the way into the net.

While we were taking care of that fish, the next rod gets slammed and we bring in another silver to the boat. Not quite as large, but full of sea lice and another great fight. Was it our great herring, or were we in a good spot or what? Thinking we would soon be limited, we continued to troll  and the wind continued to blow. Eventually, it was simply too difficult to get a good troll in and we made the ever challenging decision to call it a day around 1PM.

Sunday morning was just Jeff and I and we planned that we would be off the water by 11AM if we didn’t see any action. The winds were so much calmer but the fog was so thick you couldn’t see 20 feet in front of you. Boats were running onto the bank, trolling sideways, and everything was moist with fog. Our rain gear certainly got its usage Sunday. We saw one fish caught around 9AM and we managed a dogfish on our herring. We tried a few more paths, switched our flashers to make up for the 8 inches of visibility in the water, and tried to avoid the seaweed. Nothing worked so we did what we said we would, and called it a day around 11AM. Extremely tough call considering the high tide was just a couple hours away, but we got to wash all the salt off the new boat just in time for dinner!

Not the best fishing, but it was nice to be able to enjoy a few gorgeous sunrises, calm waters, and fishing with my best friend. Couldn’t have asked for more, except maybe a fish or two ;)