Humptulips blog

I truly have a special relationship with the Humptulips river. If fishing was this much fun all year long, I would become a fishing bum and quit my job. However, I only visit my friend, “the hump” in the fall and I look forward to it all year long.

I did fish for a few hours last weekend before the rains came (actually it rained on us) and fishing really wasn’t quite up to par. I was beginning to think that my favorite salmon river was going to disappoint me this year. We got our kings and a few silvers, but we worked hard and the water truly, really was less than desirable.

Last week, we got plenty of rain and Saturday, my long lost friend “the hump” treated me with the best welcome mat I have ever walked on.

We had our boat limit by noon on Saturday. 2 kings and 7 coho and I was on cloud nine! We released several coho with color and wild males and really just had an amazing time. We didn’t land on a pile of fish and the fish weren’t quick to jump on anything, but we fished hard, tried new things, and ended up being rewarded very well.

After an afternoon of cleaning the fish, Sasquatch pizza and a little studying, we enjoyed a few too many “mystery shots” from a typical Hoquiam dive bar. With the water dropping to a more desirable level, we expected Sunday to the same, if not better, than Saturday and our welcome mat was pulled right out from underneath us. I took my friend, “the hump”, for granted.

It was colder, wetter, and the water clarity even worse. We fished hard, we fished new spots, and new techniques and I ended up personally having the pleasure of LOSING 4 fish :( I got greedy and expected my friend to just kick out a ton of fish and for me just to land everything without trying and I was rudely awakened.

Jeff, who rowed most of the day, ended up with his limit of 2 coho’s and a king OF COURSE! We got a few chum and heard of even more chum. My arms are sore from unsuccessfully pulling plugs on the longest stretch, well I think it was the longest! I had a great weekend despite the slow day and hard work and it was truly just a perfect reminder not to take good fishing for granted, work hard, and remember how good it feels to get to practice new things like pulling plugs. Now if only I could get a fish on those plugs!

Next Saturday I’ll be at Wholesale Sports in Federal Way teaching egg curing, but hopefully I’ll get to put in some more fish time on Sunday.