I’ll search far and wide….

Another busy weekend FULL of fishing; my favorite kinds of weekends! We took the sled out again with Jeff’s uncle and dad hoping for a repeat of the previous weekend and boy, were we in the wrong place. Along with about half of the other steelhead anglers here in Washington. The river was PACKED and there weren’t nearly enough fish to go around. Jeff calls it a day of ‘onsies and twosies’. Every boat simply had one or two fish and with all of the pressure, it certainly wasn’t worth it to be there.

‘Uncle Wes’ hooked a BEAUTIFUL fish about 14 lbs and lost it….wah wah wah. A fairly avid fly fishermen, Wes caught on quickly baited his own hooks, and even tied his own leaders! A very cold, frosty morning and we had only made one pass and were just getting the hang of being in sync with each other. His float sunk down and he reacted perfect! Set the hook like a pro and reeled quickly as the fish started swimming towards the boat. about 3 seconds into the fight, the fish jumped a foot out of the water and spit the hooks. Needlesstosay, Wes didn’t (and won’t) live that down for a very long time. Not another fish for most of the day until about an hour before we left. With the drag almost all the way loose, this fish used all 5 of it’s lbs taking about 5 minutes to bring in. It ran at least 7 times and tended to hang out right beneath the boat. Thinking this had to be a wild fish with all the fight it had, turns out he was basically fighting 1:1 except 0 on his part :)

Another fight he won’t live down. Wes seemed to get the brunt of the trip that day, but at least we were part of the ‘onsies and twosies’ club!

Sunday we headed far away to find some solitude and I rowed my little arms off until I just couldn’t row anymore. It was just me and Jeff so we switched places and he ended up catching the only fish, a downriver summer run, while rowing. That guy! He just threw out a rod while he was rowing and sure enough, fish on!

Back to work Monday so for New Year’s we headed back out in the drift boat to the coast hoping to see if we can’t be the exception to the club and maybe get 3 fish! After playing bumber boats and being low-holed ALL DAY, we finally found some water with very few boats. We were discouraged, sleepy, cold, and ready to be off the water when my float happened to go down. I’ll take this anyday over a onsie twosie day of hatchery fish! She put up the perfect fight, not enough to get me frustrated and worried about losing, but quite enough to enjoy a few minutes of good ‘ol fashion fish fighting! The only fish to the boat and the boat as a hole wasn’t happy, but I was pretty stinkin’ pleased!

Hopefully heading down to Oregon this weekend for some new water! FISH ON