It’s official, I’m going through a dry spell

It’s been about 5 trips in a row and still no winter steelhead for me. We hit the Cowlitz for the second time in the sled on Saturday and with a boat full of more than experienced fishermen, we still managed to get nothing more than a sucker fish big enough that it broke a rod and a cutthroat smaller than most plugs we use. There were plenty of fish caught, we saw at least 30 hooked, but we must have had some bad juju in the boat or something!
We bank fished today and Jeff did get one nice buck winter run, but still nothing but a smolt for me. This has got to end soon right? Perhaps now that I’m on winter break from school, I can get a bit more serious and find my first winter run for the year. Last year, I got 3 steelhead my first trip out BEFORE THANKSGIVING and this year, we’re almost halfway into December and I can’t even hook one to at least lose!