I’ve come too far to quit now!!

On Friday, Jeff fished the Cowlitz while I worked and he went 3/4, one being a jack. So we headed back to the Cowlitz looking for a little springer love. I have yet to catch my first springer this year, while Jeff is on his 8th.

We stake our claim on our fishing spot and begin making cast after cast as the sun rose. The guys 100 feet below us start the morning off with multiple doubles and at least one fish on at all times. They are standing in some pretty heavy current and about waist deep. I watch at least one man fall on the slippery rocks every weekend and you’ll never catch me out there. No matter how many fish they catch. Anyhow, they guys across the other side of the river get a couple while we still have no biters in our area.

Around 10 AM Jeff finally lands into one and I think for sure that I’m going to get one today. Continuing our efforts all day, we did not land another fish and I am still fishless. We decided it would be best to go home and get the boat and come back to a different spot on Sunday. Making the long drive home and just a 3 hour power nap, we get the boat ready and headed back down to try a spot that produced MANY fish on Saturday.

I’m now really thinking that I am going to break the first springer of the year today. Still nothing in the AM except a couple guys got one on some hardware. I decided to get a ride back to the truck to go to the local tackle shop to get some hardware only to find a flat tire on the truck. After trying some fix a flat (Jeff clearly was aware of this flat tire and brought fix a flat just in case) it didn’t do much so I drove to the store anyways hoping to find air or that the fix a flat would inflate on the drive.

No luck on either the hardware or the tire so I kept driving to the next gas station. I am getting strange looks all around the store and the woman asks “what’s that smell?”. Great, thanks. I’m gross, I smell like fix a flat, it’s pouring rain, the boys are still fishing (better not be catching anything!) and these people think I’m crazy! I fill it up and head back to the river thinking surely I will get a fish today. There is no way that I deserve all of this to NOT get a fish. This is my 5th time out this year and I have spent over $1,000 on this darn fish that I haven’t even caught yet.

After many more hours of the repetitive casts made, Jeff hooks one. “Are you kidding me?!” I’m pissed…..Now I’m SURELY going to get one. If he gets ANOTHER one today, it’s my turn and I’ll probably catch a 25 lb’er and my limit! Maybe even a summer run! I’m not sure if I’ve been this discouraged because I didn’t catch one this weekend. I’m quite ready to give up but there’s no way I’m turning back after all of this effort. It would be like dropping out of school halfway through. What a waste of time and money if I don’t finish the task at hand.

Springer bring out something crazy in our brains and for the life of me I cannot justify or explain it. I fish with no sleep, eat gas station food for 3 days straight, drink at least 2 energy drinks a day just to stay awake enough to bait my hook,  throw pounds of eggs into the river each day, all while fishing in the same area as 100 other people. Why we do this, I have no clue but I can’t stop and I love every minute of it. there is no other fish that can do this to me but I sure am glad that Jeff is just as crazy as me because our relationship sure wouldn’t work out too well if he thought I was crazy :)