Merry Christmas to me!

WOOHOO!!!! What an amazing weekend! And I still have 3 days off from work and 2 weeks from school!

We didn’t put our efforts in at the Cowlitz again, but we worked hard and were generously rewarded! On Saturday, it was just me and Jeff and despite my anxiety and nervousness (I’d rather Jeff ONLY run the boat, not try to fish and run the boat), Jeff had the hot rod and we hooked 5 and went home with 4 steelhead! Yes, one was a downriver summer run, but we still got our 4 fish. The first winter run to the sled, and we managed to limit the darn thing. :)

Plus, after going out 8 times this year, I finally got my first winter run of the year. Persistance pays off and it pays off gloriously. Sunday, we went with Andrew and Chellsea and managed to get quite a few fish again and I was the lucky one to have a ‘hot’ rod! I managed to lose one and release one wild fish. Andrew landed a super chrome hatchery hen with the whitest belly I had ever seen and Chellsea saved the day with an awesome buck right as we were getting ready to leave. All the fish took multiple runs, ducked and dodged the kicker numerous times, and overall put up a much better fight than Saturday’s fish.


I am so glad that I continued to put in 100% despite the discouragement and yes, jealousy of all the other fish i’ve seen so far this season. Yet again, one of the reasons that I love fishing, you never stop learning and each day is a new experience that differed from the previous day, even in the same place. Here’s to hoping that everyone else had a great weekend and has a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!