Neah Bay

With the low water and all the things going on our lives, we haven’t been fishing in almost a month! We decided last year that a trip to Neah Bay once or twice a year was well worth the groceries that were brought home and this would be an annual thing from here on out. So, we headed up this year with a few buddies and while we didn’t get limits of ling cod, we easily limited on black rock fish (sea bass) and even got a bonus king and Cabazon!

It was the first fishing trip that I’ve been on since I officially finished school and it was amazing :) I got a bit sea sick the first day (no puking though!) and basically slept through most of the morning and early afternoon, but we made a quick run into town and I got my saltines and ginger ale and was ready to go back out in the evening!

The second day was much more productive (at least from me) however, I’m disappointed and sad to report that lost a really nice king for the dumbest reason ever…….I ripped the hook right out of its mouth because “I’m not targeting salmon and I get to catch them all the time.” I am still in shock at my behavior and fish fighting skills. After 2 full days of tightening our drags all the way down and getting our fish in as fast as possible, I forgot how to play a salmon and did everything in my power to bring the fish in the net as fast as possible and I lost it.

While I do get to catch kings all the time, not everyone on our trip does and I’ve never caught an ocean king! The further I get from that moment, the more stupid I realize I sound and will think twice about not caring so much about landing a salmon!

On the upside, we all came home with 100 rock fish, 8 ling cod, 1 Cabazon, and 1 king. Not too shabby and Jeff and I both have a bottom fishing trip coming up in July out of Westport so I think it’s safe to say, we have all the bottom fish we’ll need for the rest of the year! :)