Nisqually review!

Jeff got a brand new big, shiny boat on Friday and we definitely broke it in the right way! It’s a black 21ft by 84″ Willie Fuzion. We took it to the lake on Saturday and broke in the motors so we could hit the Nisqually Sunday to see what she’s made of. A few bumps later, we landed 4 adults, got his friend his first salmon ever, and broke the boat in the right way :)

All the fish were caught on divers which was awesome because it was complete teamwork. Jeff carefully fishing the divers with the kicker, the person reeling in the fish carefully listening to one of the others walking them through it, and someone netting. Complete teamwork! We did lose 3 fish and had some “early jumpers” on the divers who just didn’t let the fish take it long enough but it was definitely an awesome day!

Last weekend we fished the Nisqually out of the drift boat for a few hours and we ended up with 6 jacks and no adults so to only catch adults was a nice change and it was nice to have such constant action. The fish weren’t of the greatest size and not the brightest, but it was a blast nonetheless!