No fish in the rivers!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, huh? That’s mostly because there are no fish in Washington! Well, that’s kind of a fib, but it’s sure been slow the last month!

I do have to update that I finally passed my first CPA exam and I have 3 left. This means I’m that much closer to getting to fish more :)

I also harvested my first deer on Christmas eve!

Now, back to fishing…..I’ve been out here and there mostly to the Wynoochee, Satsop, and Kalama and have to say that I’ve been skunked everywhere! And not just me, we’ve had some of our buddies pick up a total of 2 fish in the past month between 4 different rivers, but certainly nothing to blog about…..Now, to piggy back off my post in November about the steelhead forecasts.

The Skykomish system has not been showing good returns. In fact, so few to the hatchery that they closed many areas for fishing at this fishery is primarily an early run (Dec/Jan). The Wynoochee has a decrease in smolt plant so I’m definitely contributing that to the lack of fish. The state stopped planting the early run on the Cowlitz and this is the first year we’re seeing that impact. All that being said, there are some other coastal rivers that have shown a bit of promise for the early season but most of these rivers hit their peak in February. It’s slow everywhere but if you’re really wanting to get into fish, head to the coast for now.

That’s a bit too far for me to travel for a bit of a gamble being that it’s a little early so I’ll continue to fish the closer rivers in hopes for some early stragglers.

My next exam is Jan 28th so I may or may not be able to attend the Puyallup Sportsman show, but if you spot me, be sure to say hi! I always love meeting people in person and I’m not that great at recognizing people, so stop me! :)

Here’s a few fun pics from the last few weeks