Skok opener!!!

The good ‘ol Skokomish opener! We wait all year for this day, prepare for weeks, stock up eggs all year, buy endless bait boxes and bait towels, start with at least 200 leaders prettied, and drink heavily the night before.

It was obviously a busy day on Saturday, but we were rewarded and were very grateful for a great day! We always bring out as many friends as we can and it’s always great to see new people learn about how kings bite eggs in the river and watch them catch big kings in a small river. There were a few holes that were obviously full of willing fish and some that weren’t so full but there were a few fish here and there in the morning. By noon, our group of about 15 people was at a ratio of about 10:25 landed fish. We left for a quick nap and headed back to get a few more fish.

Sunday was a bit slower and we didn’t kill any fish (nothing to clean woo hoo) but we lost a few and had a few missed bites. It was a great weekend and every year we see more and more bait fishermen who are friendlier than ever and just happy to us and we are to see them. I meant one of my favorite fisherladies on the skok because we both fish bait :)

It was good fishing and good to be back in the small river, but seriously, every year that I fish I get more and more passionate and the Skok hurts my heart just as much as it gives me joy and I’ll have a few choice words and hopefully some motivational ones coming up this week on an article about…………FISHING BAIT FOR FALL SALMON :)