Springer fishing the big C

Ah, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend; Amazing weather, fish on the end of our line, great neighbors, and a quiet trip just for me and my best friend!

With the springer season expected to close this week on the lower Columbia (but hopefully extended!), we decided to head down to put in our time and continue to learn a tough fishery. We have been fishing the big C for 3 springer seasons in a row and only make it down there about once or twice a season, but rarely have luck. We have caught one fish in the 3 years and a total of about 5 trips but we know you have to put in the time and effort to learn a new fishery; they don’t just produce fish for everyone!

We normally troll near Portland/Vancouver area but decided to head down river a little bit this weekend. We were all geared up and had the directions to the launch. When we launched, some boats went up, some went down, some just fished right near the launch and we weren’t really sure where to go. So we just drove around and tried a few different trolls only to realize our leader rolls flew out of the boat on the way to the river. So we headed back to the launch and Jeff went on a mission to find some quality hooks at any gas station he could find open at 7 AM in a small town so we could tie leaders.

Not exactly the best way to start our trip…….

After getting rigged up again, we saw that almost everyone was anchor fishing and the tide was quit influenced where we were. I must admit, this wasn’t something that we were expecting, but we were prepared nonetheless. We’ve never anchor fished like this but have learned a thing or two at seminars and in books. So we thought we’d give it a whirl and ended up in a not so great “soft” spot. We watched our plugs barely move for about an hour before we decided to move to another location. We happened to run into a friend that I met a few weeks earlier so we anchored up by him and his two young sons (who might be bigger fishing addicts than me)!


It was good company, our plugs were working hard, and I had just started cleaning the boat. Well those springers must love Lemon Joy because about 15 minutes into cleaning, we had FISH ON! Again, this is our first time anchor fishing and we weren’t really prepared. I had no idea what to do with the anchor or the other rod so I threw all 200ft of line out with all kinds of other pfd’s wrapped up and attached to it and just grabbed the net as we floated away from our mess.

We landed the fish (thank goodness!) only to find out it was wild. A beautiful fish and a great fighter, no doubt, but we were looking for dinner!

We tried again on Sunday with no luck in our boat, but watched the two boats next to us land a wild and hatchery fish so it was great to finally see some fish down there! I cleaned the entire boat, got a great tan, and got to spend the entire weekend with just me and my best friend. I’d say it was the best springer trip yet, except it’s nice to get our springer limits on a regular basis when we fish the little C. :)