springer’s in the boat

AHHA! Finally got my first springer of the season and had a great weekend! We headed to Drano Lake for the first time this year to redeem ourselves from our TERRIBLE experience last year. My rod went off just after daylight around 7:30 AM and not only was I excited that it as my rod, but it was also our first plug fish out there :)

I fought that baby ever so carefully and filled up with joy as we brought it in the boat. Less than 2 hours later, we got another fish, on the same plug no less! Unfortunately, Andrew lost not only the plug, but the fish because of a sharp edge on the bottom of the boat :(

We didn’t get anything else that afternoon except a good sunburn and a few beers, but it was really a lot of fun and well worth the long drive down there for just 2 days of fishing. We spent all night gearing up again and trading tricks with our hotel neighbors and learned about an awesome new flasher out there! It’s called X2 Flashers and has 2 flashers (one inside the other) that spins opposite directions and tape like I’ve never seen. It made the diamond plate look dull! We tried one out on Sunday and unfortunately lost it to a snag before we got to see it catch a fish, but we’ll be ordering a few more this week :)

Sunday was extremely slow which was surprising, but it was still pretty fun. We lost the sun and added some rain, but the wind wasn’t nearly as bad and anyone who has been to Drano Lake knows that wind can make it impossible to fish. We saw a few other fish caught, but it was definitely a lot slower than Saturday! Here’s a shot I tried to get of Phil Stephens from Mystical Legends (http://www.riverfishin.com/) fighting one of the few fish caught that day!

Next weekend will be full of shrimping and springers then it’s back to Drano! Man, I love that place but I sure wish it was closer!