I had the pleasure of meeting Jack Glass this weekend and when I say “I had the pleasure”, the pleasure was all mine. While I only spent a few hours with him on the water, it was easy to tell what a genuine and kind hearted man he is.

Jack has been guiding for over 20 years and I knew immediately that I wanted to fish Buoy 10 with him. He’s extremely active in the fishing community not just in radio shows, tackle shops, seminars, and tv shows, but in ensuring that our fishing habitats are well taken care of. He knows his fisheries, and holds immense amounts of knowledge that can only come with experience. He has taught his son Brandon Glass the trick of the trade and joined partners with him on Team Hook Up Guide Service. Brandon has big shoes to fill, but I am sure that when Brandon learned his father’s fishing skills, he picked up his amazing personality traits to go along with it.


Even before I made my 3 ½ hour journey down to Astoria, OR, I had been talking with Jack via email and was at a sense of peace, comfort, and security for my trip. He was extremely courteous and hospitable. We were on his 25’ Alumaweld which spaciously fit all 4 customers and Jack. Everything was prepared and ready to go when we got to the dock and we were on our way within 10 minutes of boarding.

We fortunately had another girl on the boat. It was her very first time salmon fishing and Jeff and I were prepared for the “Buoy 10 experience”. No pressure Jack! He was extremely easy to converse with and explained his methodology very clear so that it wasn’t simply a “guided trip”, it was a learning and fishing experience.

The morning was slow and it was clear to all of us. We watched the boats follow each other around the area looking for a biter only to see a couple fish caught all morning with over 100 boats. Wendy landed a great Coho bringing in the first fish of the day! Shortly after, we got a tule that was safely released ;)


The weather started getting nasty and we got the real Buoy 10 experience. Sea lions everywhere, huge rain pellets, winds that kicked you sideways, and waves that knocked you off your feet. With only half of the boat having rain gear, by 2PM we were getting exhausted and uncomfortable.

I knew the trip was coming to an end and was preparing for the “last pass” shout out. However, that never came. Jack wasn’t out there to work his 6 hour trip, he was out there to give us a Buoy 10 experience. He endlessly worked to find fish and wasn’t stopping because half of the boats had headed in and we were soaking wet. In fact, even when he asked us if we were getting ready, there still was no “last pass” but instead “yeah you guys have a long trip back home. Let’s get our rods up and run it again”. And several more trips back up the river and for the couple of hours, we missed a few and got 4 more kings to the boat and we were limited on kings. Wendy, of course her first time out, gets her complete limit of salmon with both hatchery Coho and a king.  


Jack worked hard and it paid off. I truly was surprised to see realize that this really wasn’t just a “guided trip” but an experience. He wasn’t just there to take us on the water, but to get us fish and to share his knowledge. I have only been on three guided trips and they were all equally as unique and amazing in their own very different ways and each time I am surprised by the wonderful experience. Our trip with Jack Glass completely exceeded my expectations and I am so glad I got to meet and spend the day with such a wonderful man.


Between both Brandon and Jack, they have several boats to accommodate several types of fishing and several different species. Booking with Team Hook Up Guide Service is not just a guided trip, but an experience. From the first phone call or email with this team to the final fish in the bag, it’s a trip I won’t forget and new friend that won’t be forgotten.