Steelhead University weekend update!

To start off my weekend, Steelhead University was absolutely incredible. Literally some of the same people who taught us all how to fish, all in one place. Jeff wasn’t able to make it but when I told him all the people I got to meet, he couldn’t believe it; All the people that he grew up idolizing and all the people that taught him how to fish. There was so much information to soak up and even when the presentations were over, all of the speakers (and even Nick Amato himself!) were happy to talk fishing all day. I am definitely so thankful and fortunate to have the opportunity to attend such a great event!

We decided last minute to stay close to home a fish a few Puget Sound Rivers instead of making a trip to the Humptulips and we ended up walking around more than fishing. I was complaining a bit because I was unprepared for this day, didn’t bring right stuff, brought too much of everything else, and we weren’t catching a whole lot between all 5 of us.
I was just getting ready to cast a spinner and our buddy casts right behind the rock I wanted to claim. Sure enough, while I’m telling him he “stole” my hole, he sets the hook says “there’s a fish”! You have got to be kidding me? We’ve been pitching spoons and spinners all day and I wanted to try bait but didn’t bring my extra rod.
Now I’m really not a happy camper and just want to go throw jigs for chum. So Andrew says I can use his rod so I can fish some eggs. Awesome! Thank you! I’m at least happier I can change it up a little bit and really fish the hole. So I put on a nice ball of eggs and sure enough, right behind the same rock first cast. “Oh, there we go”! Okay, thank you Andrew! I am so happy! It wasn’t the nicest fish and I was drift fishing with braid so it didn’t put up the best fight, but I was pleased to at least get something and feel a bit more confident in my fishing by being able to change it up.
It wasn’t the Humptulips trip or the first steelhead trip of the year that I wanted to do, but it was a new place, a learning experience, a good laugh with friends, and I went home with more eggs than I used!