Still waiting for my first winter run of the year…

After such disappointment last weekend with no sign of winter steelhead around, we ventured back to Forks thinking all that rain surely sent some winter runs upriver. We headed out first thing Saturday morning with our friends Andrew and Chellsea. The boys took the high road upriver while Chellsea and I headed downriver to a hole that has produced quite a few fish in past years.

Chellsea and I gave it our all trying jigs, drifting bait, pink works, spoons, you name it! Not even a hit! Neither of us had out phones on us and we were really wondering how the  boys were doing. It was over an hour and we hadn’t heard or seen them so we decided to head back upriver to see how they were doing. The river was higher than normal and we weren’t able to cross to go upriver so we decided to just fish a little more. No more than 5 minutes into fishing, the boys come down with limits………I wasn’t disappointed, I was SO MAD! I couldn’t believe they caught 4 winter runs and didn’t think to come get us.

I was quite jealous, but I continued to give them a hard time about their dark fish they had to go to the hatchery to catch. Since it was only 10AM and we drove 3 hours to fish, we decided to hit the Bogi and see if we can’t get some fish of our own. We daw just one fish caught but still nothing for us. The boys weren’t quite as motivated as we were so we headed home around noon, girls leaving empty handed :(

It was great to see some steelhead but it was quite strange the fish were a bit colored up. I am hoping the water will get into shape for next weekend because the gloves are out and I’ve spent my entire Sunday tying up gear. It’s time to redeem myself!