Tough Weekend

We headed to a small Columbia Tributary this weekend with anticipation of fishing both days and getting our limits early so I could study in the afternoons. We hit the road at 2 AM and got to the first spot. Anticipation grew as we waited for daylight and for the first fish to jump. It was a slow morning with just 1 jack caught out of that hole so we moved on to the next one after a few hours. That too proved to be slow and we made our journey downriver. We got to our takeout at 11 AM and decided a second trip would happen since the rain had picked up quite a bit. So much for studying, right?

It was about 2 PM, pouring rain, and I was stressed about not having time to study. I decided to stay in the truck and take a power nap so that I could study right before bed without falling asleep. I would meet the boys downriver to fish the last few hours. I got a little nap and a little bit of studying just in time to get the last 2 holes – which were also the best.

Still nothing but a bite so we sadly decided to call the weekend over after a 16 hour fishing day and made the journey back home. I got plenty of studying done on Sunday plus all of my errands :)

I’m struggling quite a bit between studying, fishing, and work and I find myself needing to turn down fishing trips because I can’t just go home after a half day and when I get up at 2 AM, I’m just too tired to study in the afternoon. This is definitely harder than I ever anticipated and aside from my struggle to find time fishing, I’m struggling with my social life (which is nonexistent). I used to be able to make sure that I fished because it relieved my stress, but with this chapter in my life, sometimes it just creates more. A feeling that I never thought I would have, became a reality this weekend. I can’t wait for the day that I have no more education to fulfill and I can enjoy what truly makes me happy again.

Until then, I’m hopefully shrimping and clamming this weekend! Nice, easy half days, delicious food, some social time, and most importantly, plenty of time to study :)