Bait Pal Products!!

Bait Pal Products has made fishing with bait so much easier! Have you ever found yourself with multiple Ziploc bags, quart jars, and plastic containers all over the bank and in your tackle bag but none of them accessible when you need new bait?
Bait Pal’s containers come with interchangeable holsters that clip onto virtually anything with a carabineer clip. They come equipped with a single container, double, or even three containers on one holster to organize multiple baits.
The containers are waterproof and you can also get them in saltwater-friendly containers have the options to add a compass and/or a thermometer. The containers have a sealed lid that can easily be opened and shut with one hand and it hangs vertically to prevent leakage or spilling.
I’ve had my fair share of methods to keep my bait handy when I’m bank fishing, but this is by far the most convenient and reliable product I’ve used. I don’t worry about by bait falling out and it’s always nice not to have extra weight in my back pack and tackle bag. The best part: they are very inexpensive!
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