Watch me tie my favorite winter steelhead jig!

Winter Run Steelhead Jig

Start by wrapping the thread around the middle of the hook shank several times until the thread is securely wrapped and attached to the hook.

Wrapping the Jig and Adding Yarn

Here I have tied yarn (you simply wrap the end of the yarn). Once the yarn was secure, I wrapped around a couple pieces of flash and then wrapped the end of my body into the jig. I trim the yarn and flash last so I know exactly how short (or long) I want them once I can see the final design. Once the string you’re using for the body is tightly secured, begin wrapping that with side by side wraps (like tying an egg loop knot along the hook) carefully not to overlap too much as this easily gets too thick and lumpy.

Wrap to the Top of the Jig

Once you wrap all the way to the top, wrap the thread around the neck of the jig head and the string so that you can cut the string and the wraps will stay in place.

Add Feathers

To wrap a collar around the top, make sure all of your feathers are facing down and in. The feathers do go in a certain direction and you can get smooth them down that direction as well if they are going crazy directions. Wrap the thread around the neck of the jig and fasten in the very tip/stem of the feather. Begin wrapping the feather around a few times. I usually only wrap 2-3 times around depending on the length of the feathers. Secure the collar using the same method you used to secure the string/body of the jig. Wrapping hackle is not easy and it’s important to keep control of the feathers and keep your wraps tight.

Secure material with Thread

Secure the thread by tying several half hitches around the neck of the jig (about 8) and trim the end when you feel it’s securely tied. Top it off with jig cement to ensure it doesn’t come loose.

My Favorite Winter Run Steelhead Jig

And this is a favorite winter steelhead jig of mine. If you tie the jig small enough, it’s also a great summer run jig as it’s great in low, clear water!


Watch me tie here: