HSR1021C 10-20LB 8’6″ GL3

These plug rods have been in our boat longer than most of our other rods.

And for good reason . . . If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! These rods are just the cat’s meow when it comes to a universal plug rod that’s used for Humptulips kings as well as small steelhead. For anyone who that knows the ins and outs of plug fishing, you know how hard a bite can be. For anyone that doesn’t, I’ll put it this way; the fish typically bite so hard that you don’t set the hook. These rods have max power behind their backbones so that almost every fish bite is sure to stick. You don’t have the gumby tip that may allow a missed fish because of too much give and yet you enough flexibility in the very tip of the rod so that the plug is able to do its thing. Running at just $235 retail, it has probably gotten the most bang for its buck! For those a bit weary of the beefiness of this rod and those that target steelhead only, it also comes in an IMX graphite for $395. The IMX is definitely going to have the sensitivity and flexibility if you know you are only targeting steelhead but the GL2 never ceases to give me a good fight with an 8lb steelhead.

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