SAMR1265C 10-20LB 10’6″

The SAMR1265C 10-20LB 10’6″ is the ultimate trolling rod.

We were just learning the ins and outs of trolling the Columbia River when these rods were purchased and I have never second guessed them. When you’re trolling, your goal is to hover along the bottom. Tapping just every few seconds and with the contours and shallow spots on the Columbia River, this can certainly be a challenge. When you change extreme depths in just a few feet, this rod suspends and loads at all the right times. Seeing the bend on this rod when just trolling as normal, it keeps its powerhouse backbone and utilizes every inch of its 10’6” length. As G Loomis says “they hug the bottom and they suspend”. Also perfect for going over large rocks/boulders or brief sand barges. It allows you to have to adjust the depth less and keeps you fishing longer.

But not only is it an ideal trolling rod, it doubles as a great float rod if you don’t want to bring several rods with you or don’t float fish often. It is still very slender and light to hold so that you do have the ability to hold it in your hand all day without fatiguing. The slender tip and long length allows for effortless mending and graceful casts. The flexibility allows you to fish a longer rod in the boat without having difficulty bringing the fish close enough to net or maneuvering the fish when it runs under the boat. You can see in the picture, the rod absorbs every pound of this spring Chinook yet I’m not raking it in. I’m getting the max power, with max play.

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