Shimano’s Curado low-profile casting reel provides all the bang for just a few bucks.















Starting at just around $160, its new and improved design has 5 bearings and lightweight graphite side plates allowing for a lighter overall reel. One of the most important features in a casting reel is the ability to control the spin of reel and reduce backlashing. The Curado has the Super Stopper II system and the Variable Break System allowing for the most control over a cast with even the lightest weighted lure.

This reel comes in multiple options and we have both the 300E series and the 200G6 series. Both reels have performed with absolutely no concern and truly made learning to cast a casting reel easier than I would have imagined. The fluidness of this reel and the ability to cast effortlessly with both mono and braided line is absolutely imperative. I can easily feed braided line when float fishing and switch to mono the next trip and use the same exact set up for drift fishing.

The 200 weighs in at just 7.2 ounces and the 300 weighs in around 10.5 ounces. While the 10.5 was a bit too heavy and unnecessary for drift fishing, it was a dream to fish floats with. Being able to hold more line, I was able to fish the entire steelhead season without having to change my line and never had to worry about not having enough line when fighting a fish that was hooked farther away than desired. The 200G6 retrieves 27 inches per crank and with the 300 retrieving just 1 inch more per crank, the difference is really in the line capacity. When float fishing, it is ideal to use Power Pro braided line for float capability and solid hook sets, you might need a deeper spool to hold a heavier line. However, for drift fishing and spoon fishing the 200G6 is perfect and reliable to fish with.

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