STR1025C 8-17LB 8’6″ GL3

The 8-17lb GL3 is really a perfect beginners drift rod and perfect salmon drift rod.

With a rating between 8-17lbs, it absolutely has the power to land a king without effort.

The GL3 graphite has all the power and backbone needed but you can see from the picture below, the bend in the rod is far enough back that even with its short length, there is enough room to “play” a fish. Unless you know you only target salmon, these same dimensions come in a GL2 graphite for only $230 retail, but the GL3 is the perfect graphite for a combination of both salmon and steelhead running about $315 retail.

I caught my first spoon-caught steelhead on this rod and my second steelhead ever. Needless to say, I didn’t exactly know what I was doing. This rod made up for everything that I lacked. I had never fished a casting reel and this was casted and handed to me in Jeff’s efforts to teach me about the presentation of a spoon. He had his hands on the tip of the rod trying to get me used to “feeling” of the wobble and showing me exactly what to look for when “WHACK”! The rod tip slammed down, Jeff yelled, and I set the hook! Not only did I not know how to cast this thing, I didn’t have a clue how to reel with the opposite hand (I was used to fishing left handed spinning reels). I flipped the rod upside-down several times trying to figure out how to reel, I raked on this poor fish with my nerves through the roof all the while, the rod absorbing every move the fish made combined with every abrupt move that I made. It was like a tug-o-war and the rod was caught in the middle doing exactly what it should be doing. The fish turned out to be a dime-bright 6lb native fish that I unnecessarily fought way to hard with, but again, the rod made for all the skills that I lacked.

We have this rod paired with a 200 Shimano Curado and don’t think I will ever appreciate a drift rod quite like this one.

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