STR1082S 6-10LB 9′ IMX

The 1082 IMX is an absolutely perfect sidedrifting rod for those faster seams just loaded with steelhead.

With a bit faster action than the 1141, this IMX was created with steelhead in mind. It is extremely light weight which keeps your boat guests from fatiguing on the river. The 1082S is a rod that I highly recommend if you are fishing with new-ish people because the ultra sensitive IMX graphite allows you to them to easily feel the difference between a tick on a rock and the soft, tender bite of a steelhead.  The shorter length is ideal for boat fishing as it helps when trying to bring a hot fish to the boat, the last thing you want to worry about is where you need to stand in the boat or how you’re going to bring a fish all the way to the surface with your arm trying to hold the rod tip up. Pricing at $395 retail to truly enhance your sensitivity, the same dimensions also comes in a GL2 for just $220 if you are targeting kings or larger salmon.

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