STR1141S 4-8LB 9’6″ GL3/IMX

The 1141 GL3 is a great rod for sidedrifting.

It again, is very universal for types of fish ranging in various sizes from big to small. The shorter length is perfect for boat fishing when you are able to get closer to the area you are fishing and will need to get the fish close to net it. Even though this rod is only rated 4-8lb, the GL3 is going to offer that backbone that you need for larger fish in the teens but also have the sensitivity that you need for sidedrifting to allow the angler to feel the difference between a tap on a rock, and a light steelhead bite.  Pricing about $320 retail, these same dimensions come in an IMX graphite for about $375 retail. The IMX is going to offer even more sensitivity but won’t have the same power as the GL3. It is perfect when you know you are targeting smaller steelhead. The Shimano Symetre 2500, is perfect sidedrifting reel to pair with either of these rods.

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