STR1163-2C 6-12LB 9’8″

This steelhead series rod is the ultimate drift/spoon rod.

Once you get a bit more advanced and learn that you need different rods for different rivers, species, and techniques, this is my go-to drift rod.

It doesn’t necessarily have the length as one would think necessary for drifting, but it doesn’t need it. And with a rating from 6-12lb, you know it has the sensitivity that makes up for the shorter length. It’s perfect for both small coastal rivers as well as your larger rivers being a perfect length to cast far, yet short enough to land a fish with no bank behind you. I didn’t drift fish until I got this rod as a gift.

I have never had quite the same desire to learn a new technique simply to use a rod as I did with this rod.  The lightweight feeling of this rod makes it easy for me to fish all day cast after cast. Running a bit more expensive at $365 retail, its perfect for the experienced angler ready to take drift fishing to a whole new level. I had this rod originally paired with a 300 Shimano Curado, but quickly learned it was best with a 200 Curado. I didn’t need the extra line and it casts fluidly and with perfection already. The 200 Curado was a perfect weight match that made the rod so balanced; I hardly felt weight in my hand.

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