STR1563 8-12LB 13′ GLX

The GLX center pin rod rated 8-12lbs is truly your ultimate float rod.

For the one whose mastered float fishing with the average 10’6” rod and is ready for the next step in fishing.

The center pin reels are designed to allow you to fight the fish mano a mano. A system that truly isn’t even comparable to the difficulty in casting a bait caster, it is worth the frustrations and struggles until you get your first fish fight. This is the original way of fishing. No drag system (not even just a slight drag system) and no protection what so ever to protect against backlash, the reel is simply there to hold your line. Which it’s so important to have a great rod to work with. G Loomis definitely took the center pin technique to a whole new level using their GLX graphites and extending them to 11-15’ this rod is not meant for someone who hasn’t had experience with longer rods. Having the extra length truly allows the angler to obtain the best presentation whether float fishing or drifting. Just think, you can hold your line off the water with your arm essentially extending 13 feet out past you; there is hardly an effort when picking up your “belly”. It makes mending effortless and with the touch of G Loomis’s balanced rods, it makes this rod the lightest 13’ rod you can imagine possible.

I have to admit, I am not even near ready to test my skills with a center pin but we have this rod with a spinning reel! Yes, you can have the best of both worlds. The rod was also not purchased for steelhead, but for spring salmon. Yes, the fierce and ultra-picky springer. The technique used was free drifting eggs. It was a crowded area and the rod allowed for casting farther out than anyone else could get to and the ability to hold the line off the water and stay out that far throughout the entire drift. When free drifting, the fish rarely just bite and run; these springers tap and pick and nibble until they have either stripped your bait or decide to swallow. Setting the hook at the perfect time is imperative and to do that, you need to be able to feel every tap, pick, and nibble to know just what the fish is doing and when you should feed line, and when you should set the hook.

This rod performed better than expected and truly played a large part in our freezer being full of springers. But not only did it have the capability of landing and fighting the rugged springers, it handled summer run steelhead with finesse and ease. Float fishing with jigs for summer steelhead is a go to technique and not only does this rod help being able to fish farther and give a better presentation with the length from the bank, is made casting a breeze from the boat. You almost never even needed to cast; just a simple “toss” of your jig and you were in the perfect spot. Summer runs are known for their acrobatics and summer saults through the air and that’s exactly when the fish breaks loose. The 13’ length paired with the GLX graphite absolutely absorbed every single jump, spin, and thrash that the summer run could present. I never felt the extra tension when the fish jumped but was just able to watch the rod pulse back and forth taking care of business.

G Loomis definitely brought the ability to give advanced anglers a new edge and a new technique to master when they created this center pin line up. Running anywhere from 11’3″’to 15’ and from $550 to $635, this rod is worth every penny. It makes you feel like that fishing innocence again with a completely new experience every time you head to the river and a new sense of accomplishment and newfound knowledge every time you leave.

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