Design Your Own Snikwah!!

Do you want to design your own Snikwah? Now is your Chance! From Now until November 30, 2015 Snikwah will be taking submissions for our Super Snikwah Design Contest!
It’s Simple Design a Snikwah and post it on our FB page, don’t forget to tag it ‪#‎SuperSnikwah‬ . Feel free to use patterns, designs, or any other style you’d like to see a Snikwah! We’ve even included a blank Snikwah if you need a template. So have fun, get creative, and Be Snikwah!

Please be 18 or older, additional details beow:
Super Snikwah Design Contest Details: We are looking for contestants to design patterns that are striking, fun and interesting. You can use either a design app or scan your pattern and friend us on the Snikwah Facebook page to submit your design from your own personal Facebook account. There will be two winners selected. Winners will receive a two-day stay and meals for two at the Trianon Hotel Old Naples, a fishing trip hosted by Snikwah CEO, Roy Smith, an airboat tour with Down South Airboat Tours and two Snikwah shirts. Stay tuned to your Facebook page for the announcement of the winners. The winners will be notified the week of December 7 and will have one week to claim their prize. Prior to prize receipt, winners will sign a release allowing their images to be used in our publicity efforts. Relatives of Snikwah employees are ineligible to enter. All entries become the sole property of the sponsor and will not be acknowledged or returned.



Snikwah has been spreading it’s unmatched product worldwide for quite a while now and I’ve been exposed to their innovation this summer. I’ve been able to wear my Snikwah both fishing and hiking for elk scouting this summer and I can’t express enough how incredibly pleased I am.


They’ve taken all the technology in a performance shirt and placed it into one piece of clothing. I got the Women’s Original Snikwah which is comprised of the following features:

- Built in hood (with a pony tail slot for high or low pony tails)

- UPF 50+ for sun protection

- drirelease fabric which pulls moisture away from the fabric and pushes it to the outside away from your skin

- Inspect protection

- lightweight comfort

Hands down, my favorite features is the comfort. It’s absolutely the best fitting non spandex shirt I’ve worn. It’s not spandex so it’s not tight! It has the look and feel of cotton, but it’s drirelease makes it wick moisture rather than store it. It has tapered sleeves and a tapered waist so it still fits me like a girl, but it’s loose and breathable in all the right places, and tight where I need to be so it’s not hanging off of me.

I wore my new Snikwah fishing last weekend which was 90 degrees and humid. I was comfortable in the morning with a little bit of fog and remained comfortable during the day as the sun rose. Through the chaos of landing back to back to back fish, I stayed dry all day and I came home with no sunburn! The fish blood and bait washed out and it didn’t shrink!

I wore it again this weekend for some hiking in preparation of my archery elk season that starts in just 2 weeks. I’m in eastern Washington which is typically very hot, and very dry. We had a storm blow through so we got to experience the heat mixed with rain clouds making it more humid than I’d ever felt in that area. On a normal scouting trip I end up in shorts and a sports bra fighting the woods, dripping in sweat but this weekend I was able to wear my Snikwah all day and didn’t break a sweat! It was a little cooler, but I’ve never come home in dry clothes and NO MOSQUITO BITES!!!!! I typically come home with between 10 and 15 mosquito bites because so much of my skin is exposed.

It’s a reasonable price and they come in over 30 styles and colors. Keep an eye out for some fun stuff coming from Snikwah in October!