Power Pro Maxcuatro

Power Pro Maxcuatro

Power Pro’s new braided line Maxcuatro is exactly what it claims to be. I’ve always been a fan of Power Pro and really didn’t ever have any concerns. So at first, my thought was “if it isn’t broken, why fix it?”

And then I tested it out and can see now why they “fixed” an already phenomenal product. It truly is just as strong but thinner. It uses a 4 end construction (one line size smaller than regular Power Pro) to achieve this, but what does that mean to me?

* I can hold more line on my reels! This means I don’t have to buy it as frequently and I don’t have to re-spool or flip the line as often.

* I can get away with a stronger line without compromising my capacity.

* I can cast farther! Thinner line means it slides through my guides easier creating less resistance and more accurate casting.

Initially looking at it out of the package, I didn’t notice much difference. It felt like brand new braid; super smooth, a little bit waxy, and pliable. I’ve been using Maxcuatro on almost all of my reels since for the past 6 months and I wanted to wait until it got worn out before I reviewed the product. It’s still not worn out and I haven’t had to re-spool or flip the line on any of my reels!

I’ve mostly used it on my float rod and trolling/plug rods – although I usually only need to change those once every other year. The first fishery I went to is an area that involves casting really, really far – an area I’ve always struggled in. But this year, I made my mark more times than not (which is rare) and I didn’t lose any floats from being snagged up (also rare in this area). It’s lasted me all spring, summer, and fall and landed many big kings.

I’m quite anxious to start winter steelhead to see how it runs bobber doggin’, although I don’t have any doubts. It still feels just as smooth as 6 months ago so I anticipate that it will slide through the floats faster than regular Power Pro getting me into the slot faster. I usually only fish 30lb Power Pro for steelhead so by switching to 50lb I’m not getting the full advantage of having more line or a thinner line, but a smoother line and with the added advantage of more strength to keep from losing my gear and line off my spool.

Maxcuatro is available in Hi-Vis and Moss-Green in 50lb, 65lb, 80lb, & 100lb in 150 yard, 500 yard, 1500 yard & 3000 yard spools.

I’ll keep you all posted this winter as I try this out on winter steelhead!


The perfect combo

G Loomis         Shimano       Power Pro

                 What would make fishing a whole lot more perfect? Having a rod and reel combo for every technique and species would certainly make things a lot easier, no? That’s simply not realistic especially because we are all striving to learn new techniques and new fisheries so often. So we mix and match my rods and reels all the time to make do with what we have and I think that we finally came across a combo that won’t be changed. It is quite possibly the most universal set up that we use and it’s perfect for taking friends and family on the boat to use as a beginner’s rod.

GLOOMIS STR1162-2S 6-10lb 9’8”

To start with the rod, I have the G Loomis STR1162-2S 6-10lb 9”8”. The Steelhead Series is designed to have the necessary sensitivity to detect the light steelhead drift bite and this rod very much so, exceeds my expectations of sensitivity. This isn’t my first steelhead series rod; however it’s one that I use for salmon as well. Yes salmon, and king salmon at that. This is the float rod that we use as well as the side drifting rod for steelhead. The STR1162-2S is quite possibly the only rod that I can use for both techniques and species. Certainly the only rod that is rated 6-10lbs that has landed a 17lb fall Chinook on a barbless hook in a small river.

Power Pro braided line – 30lb HIGH VIS

The second component of this triple threat setup is the line. Power Pro braided line is without a doubt my favorite line to use. The trust and assurance that I have makes me more confident and less stressed when fishing. It is quite rare to break on the braid which means less lost gear and less tying and rigging up. When I’m using any sort of float, plug, diver, flasher, or canon ball for trolling and back-bouncing, I won’t fish it without Power Pro. I paired a 30lb high-vis Power Pro braided line with my 6-10 Steelhead Series G Loomis and got the power and the sensitivity that we dream of for steelhead.

Shimano Sustain 3000FG

The last component and the newest piece to our fishing collection is the Shimano Sustain FG 3000. All of our reels are Shimano and this is certainly the highest end spinning reel I own. Having fished the Symetre, Sahara, and Stradic CI4, I have had my fair share of experience with spinning reels. I will repeat in every review I ever write, the weight of a spinning reel is without a doubt the most important thing to me. Fishing spinners and jigs means a lot of action with your wrist and arm, float fishing means constant mending, drifting means holding your arm as still as possible thus not to disturb the gear on the other end and feel every tick. This reel was essentially weightless but doesn’t have the cheap “plastic” look or feel.

The new X-Ship feature in the Sustain made it possible for me to bring in a 14lb steelhead from the other side of the river without tripping up or skipping a beat. Not only did I feel every move of the fish, I felt like I was in control with more power but without the extra bulk and weight of most reels. The drag system and casting was flawless. Absolutely worth a little extra money if you want the option to be able to have your sensitivity and light weight, and still manage to land big, powerful fish.

Here’s how I most recently tested this genius combination

 Ignore the jealous face in the corner and check out that tail!!

I was float fishing for steelhead and felt the bite before I even saw it. Literally 2 minutes prior, our friend “predicted” that I would catch the first fish of the day. I was really just out to be out, but with the water so low and clear and not having any rain for a few weeks, I had very little expectations of catching any fish period, let alone one that hadn’t been sitting in the river for a few weeks.

“There’s a fish!” I felt the roar of his head shake twice followed by a flash on the surface and zzzzzzzzzzzzz. “From the way that’s fighting, it’s not hatchery”. So I tighten up my drag, let him run a little bit further before turning and cranking him closer to me. With another big run and two more jumps, I finally was able to win the battle. Believe me when I saw I was shocked, SHOCKED to see a clipped fin. This beast was 100% hatchery and 100% dead. Certainly no “trophy”, but one of the best fights I’ve had with a steelhead.

To say that I fought one of the hardest fighting steelhead I’ve fought on a 6-10lb rod and a light reel is pretty rewarding. If I had mono on, there’s no way I would have been able to stop that fish from a full run and turn it around. If I had a heavier rod, there’s no way I would have been able to absorb every jump without shaking the single 2/o hook.

This is definitely one of my favorite combo’s and we use it for both salmon and steelhead. What more can you ask for than to have a combination that you can use all year long and has the sensitivity and backbone tooboot! If you’re looking for a new set up or if you’re new to fishing and aren’t sure what to get, you won’t be disappointed with any or all of the components in my “triple threat”.