charter fishing

Outdoor Chic Clique Charter Trip

My first ocean trip! Amy Spoon organized an awesome trip with 24 girls from the Outdoor Chic Clique, a Facebook group, and Horns and Hooks was there to catch it all on camera! There were ladies from as far as Idaho and Oregon who came to Westport to fish on the Tequila Too. We searched for Yellow Tail Rockfish, Lingcod, and Salmon (kings and silvers). We ended up with a couple Yellow Eye Rockfish, 260 Yellow Tail Rockfish, about 10 Lingcod, and 10 silvers.

I headed out with a new friend, Kelcey Helvey, to celebrate her birthday and meet up with Kari and her mom for a little girls night out the night before. I was initially very nervous about getting sea sick, but I actually ended up loving the ride to our fishing destination! There is something about being on a boat crashing against the waves that makes me feel like a 10 year old on a roller coaster and I was happy that the ocean was no different.

I unfortunately didn’t get any lingcod which is what I REALLY wanted, but I came home with 10 rock fish which will cook up just fine! We started out with little flies for the rockfish and a few ladies even caught some salmon. I’ve fished in some water that was pretty thick with fish, but we literally just dropped our lines in the water, and came up with two fish every time! We had that limit in no time! We headed out a little farther for some ling and while I lost two, I did land a very, very large Yellow Eye Rockfish by accident. We quickly sent it back down so I didn’t get any pics or measurements, but it sure was awesome to reel in such a big fish!

After a couple of us landed a few of those, the captain made the good decision to relocate where there were less Yellow Eye rockfish. We got a few more ling and then headed back towards the coast for some salmon! We mooched for a couple more hours and it was awesome to see those fish run all over the place in the wide open water! A few Seagulls fell victim to the herring but were safely released back to the wind!

I’d have to say the way back in was my favorite part. We drank a couple beers, took a lot of pictures, and got to socialize and meet a ton of ladies who love to fish! It was a great event from Amy and she did an awesome job rounding up sponsors and putting together prize packs. Looking forward to the next one!