Back Bouncing

Bouncing Around: Backbouncing Basics

Once you hook your first fish back bouncing, you’re sure to be hooked yourself.  Some may be skeptical hearing about it or even trying it for the first time. It seems like a lot of weight and a lot of distraction with a huge cannon ball banging around on the bottom and you may be doubtful that this technique works. Your wrist may get tired and you may be wondering if you’re even fishing correctly. I know these were all things I felt when I was trying out this technique. It was actually several different trips that I tried backbouncing with little success, but a lot of encouragement until I finally understood what was happening along the bottom. Rest assured this extremely effective technique is absolutely deadly if there is a fish around.

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Weekend fishing

A little Cowlitz love from Saturday:

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Drift Fishing for Kings

Bry with nice King caught while drift fishing