columbia river fishing


the annual two-day
Saltwater Fishing Seminar

March 16th & 17th 2013 – Class enrolling now!

Tom Nelson (most often referred to as the “Dean of Saltwater Fishing) and friends celebrate 30 years of Saltwater fishing classes and bring you a “one of a kind” learning experience.

This two-day Saltwater Seminar will bring you the “Best of the Best” of Fishing Instructors in the Northwest.

Are you ready for SPRINGERS?

Are you ready for Springers?

I had the amazing opportunity to see Terry Wiest and Bill “Swanny” Swanson give 2 amazing seminars on spring chinook fishing in both the smaller rivers, and trolling in the Columbia. Here is a recap from this weekend and a few tips and tricks to help you gear up for the springers this year!

Why do we all love springers so much?

Spring chinook are chinook that enter the river system a few months earlier than it’s fall siblings. However, they still spawn around the same time in late fall/early winter. They are much more prepared to live in fresh water for several months before making it to their spawning grounds or hatcheries. These fish have a much higher fat content and enter the fresh water while the tempurature is still quite a bit cooler than in August and September. The cooler water doesn’t break down the fish’s genetic disposition and because of this, the prized springers have quite a bit more energy to fight on the end of your line and a much higher fat content for better table fare.
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