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I’m just ready for springers

z riI’m really kind of over steelhead and just want to fish for springers. We did manage to get one steelhead to the boat, and a bonus springer on a coon shrimp behind a diver.

Always very, very exciting and it was super nice outside! But next weekend, we’ll be on the Columbia forgetting all about steelhead! YES!!!

I did a little soul searching this weekend and realized a couple things that I’ve allowed to impact my mood while fishing. There are a few days where I’m just a cranky B**CH; typically towards targeted people.

These are people that I like very much and I enjoy their company so I’m surprised when I find myself short tempered and not as happy as I should be doing what I love.

I’ve learned a lot about myself this past year and this weekend, I reinforced something that I learned last summer: I don’t like being in a position where I’m forced to either be a pushover, or compete. I’m not a competitive person until I realize someone is trying to compete with me. Whether that means directly with me personally, or simply competing to catch fish. And even then, not competing to catch more fish than me, or better fish than me, but competing by an individual player on the boat and trying to put themselves in better situations, even that means putting someone else in a worse situation.

I’m basically a deckhand every weekend. Some weekends are easier than others, but it’s my genuine nature to make myself useful and help others. One thing that fulfills me greatly is being a part of someone else succeeding. Even if I didn’t catch the fish, if I was able to make that persons day a little easier, help them tie leaders, bait hooks, net fish, or simply be a positive attitude to help their day, I am fulfilled.

When people purposefully cast over others, cast out of turn, act lazy, stand in front of rods so it’s easier for them to grab when one goes off, or pick up a rod that’s already rigged up when they see 4 broken off rods, I start to get defensive. I emphasize purposefully because we take a lot of new friends and family and as long as you are willing to learn and grateful, I want nothing more than to go out of my way to help you. When it’s the people that know better, I feel that instead of keeping the boat (and everyone on it) operating smoothly, they prefer to ensure their opportunities to catch fish are above others and that’s when I allow negativity to seep into my mind and I start being forced to live in a dog eat dog world and that’s just not me.

So, now that I’ve identified what impacts my mood, I know that only I can change this. My new mission is to stop allowing this. I can’t change these people and being a b**ch to people doesn’t make them want to help out and my mood never changes. I don’t know quite yet how to fix this or how I’m going to do this, but I feel ready at least now that I’ve identified my problem.

So here’s to getting back to relaxation and FISH ON!

Springers are here!

Even though I had yet another weekend of fishing, the real excitement and success came from a springer that Shawn caught on the boat! The first springer of the year and I can’t wait for dinner tonight!

We weren’t exactly targeting springers but we did make sure to have a few bait rods out just in case. We almost always have a couple people fishing bait no matter what, but this springer happened to be hungry for an artificial lure with steelhead scent. One of my favorite things about springers is their unpredictability, change of preference, and the uniqueness of each one. We didn’t believe Shawn when he hooked up and said “it’s a springer”. It ran to the other side of the river and I quickly jumped on the bow to show him how to steer the fish back to our side. He got a bit nervous and told me “don’t mess with my fish” lol. Once he got the fish back over and we saw that purple back, the atmosphere changed. Jeff grabbed the net, I grabbed the  motor and there weren’t anymore words said except between Jeff and Shawn. The fish was now in the boat and they celebrated with beer.

Aside from the springer, we had another great accomplishment! Shawn’s son’s (mother’s, brother, cousin, just kidding) girlfriend was out with us. She got her first salmon with us this fall and she got her first steelhead this weekend! The first fish to the boat and she did awesome!

We had almost everyone else get at least one steelhead and I hooked 4! Another victory for me!

The good life!

Took Friday off so I could get an extra fishing day in and this 15lb buck rewarded me after a LONG day of free drifting!

We fished Saturday too and only Jeff got one but I got great shorts, boots, and tank top tan lines! :)

Weekend fishing

A little Cowlitz love from Saturday:

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