Drift FIshing

Learn to tie rags!

Making your own rags
The best part of all the rain and high water is having more time to tie leaders! And when you’ve tied until your fingers are cramped, you can take your new leaders and rags and fish that high water to target some winter steelhead.

The ‘rag’ has been used for many years and has proved to be very effective time and time again for winter steelhead. Being able to fish a super buoyant, bright lure will definitely give you an upper hand when you just can’t wait any longer for the water to drop and clear up. Its profile and typical color patterns make it great for water with less than 2 feet of visibility and work well when fished solo, but are perfect when paired with bait. They aren’t the fastest or easiest to tie, but if you’ve got the time, they are well worth the extra effort; and for those of you who always make sure to dot your I’s and cross your T’s when fishing, you know how far a little extra effort goes.

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The first frost can’t come soon enough….

This fall salmon season hasn’t quite shaped up like I was hoping, especially because last year was as close to perfect as possible. This time last year we hit the coastal rivers near Forks in search of early steelhead and had an amazing day. So we thought we’d take a small gamble and the same river and we were quite disappointed. We joked about how “they say” winter runs aren’t really here until the first frost of the year and it wasn’t nearly cold enough for frost but simplya laughed it off. Hiking an hour just to get a nice secluded spot, we found the perfect fishing hole and fished non-stop in the pouring rain. Finally, as Jeff is really in he says “oh, hey! I gotta fish!”. He was drifting and the fish came out and picked it up as he was reeling up. It was only 8AM and I was fortunate for another great day of winter steelhead in early November. He lost that fish and we didn’t have a single bite for hours. We saw a lot of old kings rolling and decided to hike back out and find a different river.

We went to the Satsop on the way home looking for some silvers even though we only had a bunch of winter steelhead gear and a little bit of eggs. What we found was nothing but spawned out chum. After about 2 hours of fishing the Satsop we decided to go home and call it a weekend. Knowing that there is nothing but rain forecasted in the next week, we’re hoping it will bring in some steelhead but not blow out the rivers for next weekend. Call it wishful thinking J


Steelhead University weekend update!

To start off my weekend, Steelhead University was absolutely incredible. Literally some of the same people who taught us all how to fish, all in one place. Jeff wasn’t able to make it but when I told him all the people I got to meet, he couldn’t believe it; All the people that he grew up idolizing and all the people that taught him how to fish. There was so much information to soak up and even when the presentations were over, all of the speakers (and even Nick Amato himself!) were happy to talk fishing all day. I am definitely so thankful and fortunate to have the opportunity to attend such a great event!

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Drift Fishing for Kings

Bry with nice King caught while drift fishing