hood canal

4th of July fun

Still no fishing, but plenty of FUN! We went to Jeff’s parent’s house on Hood Canal for 3 days with our friends Derrick and Kari and we did just about every activity the Canal has to offer!

·         Swimming

·         Clam and Oyster digging

·         Crabbing

·         Fireworks show

·         Tequila!!!

·         Taught Kari how to shoot a bow

·         Bon fire

·         Relaxed on the water

·         Checked out the Skok in preparation for this fall fishing season

·         AND HAD A FEAST!






Saturday we watched the fireworks with our friend Herb down at the Tacoma Waterfront, and Sunday we all went and put in some HARD WORK elk scouting in almost 100 degree weather.

Loving this beautiful state and having so much time to enjoy my life since I’ve finished so many obligations that I had!



Now, a little controversial conversation that came up this weekend:

We had a conversion with someone who fishes on the Skok and who openly admitted to snagging. In fact, they bragged about how good their son was. The conversation didn’t occur the way I would have liked, but it was apparent that they knew what snagging was, and that the notion of snagging in the river was unethical and they felt the need to justify themselves as soon as they found out our thoughts on snagging, especially on the Skok.

I’ve written a blog or two about my thoughts on snagging and I’ll be open and honest: When you know snagging is unethical and you do it anyways, you lose my respect and when you know it’s unethical and choose not to fish that way but don’t attempt to educate others that don’t understand fishing for salmon, you lose some credibility. I’m not saying everyone should go preach about their fishing ethics or beliefs, but everyone should respectfully be working towards making our fisheries the as ethical as possible.

While the conversation was intended to educate the “snagger” about fall salmon in the rivers and the consequences of snagging, it was presented in a disrespectful manor, and I’m ashamed of that. There’s this horrible relationship that tends to build between snaggers and bait chuckers during fall salmon where fishermen pit up against one another and become enemies that insult and abuse not only each other, but the fishery. I get it, not everyone will have the same level of respect or understand certain concepts and I’ll include myself when I say that if you blatantly disregard the regulations, my space, and my chances of fishing ethically and you know better, bait chuckers may insult and create a bigger situation than simply leaving the fishery.

However, I wish to see more education and chivalry among the anglers. We all share this passion and fire and we should have a certain level of respect for the opportunities that we are given to have hatchery salmon. We should not be feuding or putting one another down, we should be collaborating, being open-minded, and respectful to one another. As we approach fall salmon, you’ll see more posts from me and I hope everyone can be a bit more mindful about such a touchy subject. <3

Fishing with the parents

Well, we try to take out our parents every once in a while and we got to take his parents out for a night last weekend and mine this weekend.

My dad hooked a king and lost a king and everyone else had a slow fishing day. We went to the Nisqually to see what was going on and there really wasn’t much. A few small kings and some pinks rolling but there was plenty of people and the fish that were there weren’t biting. We tried float fishing, twitching jigs, and bait divers; plenty of sandshrimp and different types of eggs but the fishing was pretty slow. Still a little early, but we needed a break from the Skok!

My mom just wanted to spend some quality time with me before I start school again so we took a day off on Sunday and had breakfast with Jeff’s parents out at the canal followed by a special little niece’s 2nd birthday party.

We didn’t get any pics of the fish, but I got a great one that couldn’t have captured his excitement more. :)


Now if only we could get them all to come out more often!!

What have I been doing?!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything so I have quite a bit to catch up on! It’s my last week in school until summer break so I’ll get much more fishing fun time in!

I did a little Cowlitz, barrier damn fishing this year but wasn’t nearly as successful as the last two years. I ended up with just one from there all season and tried fishing 3 different areas with no luck. Cowlitz springers are the one time of year that I have any chance of outfishing Jeff ;) This year, Jeff on the other hand, had the hot rod. Here’s a pic from the last time that we fished up there. We fished on the island and he was the only one to hook anything all day and he managed to get all of this by 7:30AM!


After we finished the Cowlitz springers, we shrimped one more trip, this time leaving with the same number of pots that we started with. Again, not the best of luck, but I got some quality time with the GPS/depth finder on the boat and figured out some neat stuff! We’ve had the boat and GPS/depth finder since late August and we have never really done more with the GPS/depth finder than we HAD to so it was cool to be able to find features that would be helpful, but that we weren’t already using.


Of course we fished on the June 1st opener too! We headed up to the Skykomish for our first time in our boat and was less than pleased with the crowds and the fishing. Of course it was a wee bit early and not many other boats had fish, so it wasn’t a total disappointment. The weather was beautiful, company was good, and fishing was, eh, okay. On June 1st, we got a jack springer (caught by Nyef) and a summer steelhead (of course caught by Jeff). On Sunday we weren’t quite that lucky. We lost one and I released a 14lb down river winter steelhead. It was still a fun fight, but I was looking for something a little fresher :)

We headed back up to the Sky last weekend and had a little bit of better luck on the catching, but not killing ;)

We took a couple new friends and Kristal, pretty brand new to fishing, was quite the lucky one! On Saturday, she got a down river winter run, jack springer, and another down river winter run on Sunday. Her boyfriend, Herb, just wanted a nice relaxing weekend to enjoy his birthday. He just got one down river winter run on Sunday, but caught a great sunburn and clearly a lucky girlfriend! Nyef didn’t get anything this weekend and neither did I, but Jeff ended up with a jack springer and very NICE 22 lb wild springer. Unfortunately, we were glad to send that girl back on her way, but it was a great fighting fish and a beautiful site to see on our last pass of the day.

Another wonderful weekend of fishing even though I am, yet again, fishless J We got to take two great people fishing, celebrated a birthday, I ran the sled (which scares the living daylights out of me), got a nice tan, and had an amazing time. I’m not sure what next weekend will bring, but I can assure that there will at least be one new article up next week! :)

I wish this picture did the fish any kind of justice. Without a doubt, the biggest, nicest springer I have ever seen.

Who said shrimping was a good idea?

A slight change of scenery this weekend and it was quite interesting, but fantastic! We decided Friday afternoon that we were going to go shrimping for the Hood Canal opener. This is something that we do almost every year, except it’s his dad’s “thing” and we just hop on his boat and let him be the captain. This year, his dad wasn’t going to make it and didn’t know where or what condition the shrimp gear was in. That should have been the first indicator that we should not have gone…….

We decided to go and try to just get everything ready. His dad hasn’t had his motors serviced this year, so we had to take Jeff’s boat in the saltwater and find a way to mount the pot puller on his boat. Jeff, the “do it yourselfer” kind of guy, decides that we need a trip to Home Depot and he’s got a great idea! But first, we have to take care of some other things. There was 300 feet of line missing from one of the pots so we had to swing by Sportco.

The adventure began at 6:30 PM

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