jet sled

I’ll search far and wide….

Another busy weekend FULL of fishing; my favorite kinds of weekends! We took the sled out again with Jeff’s uncle and dad hoping for a repeat of the previous weekend and boy, were we in the wrong place. Along with about half of the other steelhead anglers here in Washington. The river was PACKED and there weren’t nearly enough fish to go around. Jeff calls it a day of ‘onsies and twosies’. Every boat simply had one or two fish and with all of the pressure, it certainly wasn’t worth it to be there.
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Merry Christmas to me!

WOOHOO!!!! What an amazing weekend! And I still have 3 days off from work and 2 weeks from school!

We didn’t put our efforts in at the Cowlitz again, but we worked hard and were generously rewarded! On Saturday, it was just me and Jeff and despite my anxiety and nervousness (I’d rather Jeff ONLY run the boat, not try to fish and run the boat), Jeff had the hot rod and we hooked 5 and went home with 4 steelhead! Yes, one was a downriver summer run, but we still got our 4 fish. The first winter run to the sled, and we managed to limit the darn thing. :)

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