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Ladies putting in work this fall!

I had a great day fishing on Saturday although I didn’t land any of my fish! I had a little scuffle with another boat and while it didn’t ruin my day or my mood, it clearly impaired my ability to land fish! Lol.

A friend text me today and told me that their client is a frequent reader of Steelhead Girls and was inspired to fish. My heart skipped as I thought, “this is exactly what I want to hear!” The purpose of Steelhead Girls is to empower, encourage, and help women  and I got the best news that I’ve heard all weekend: Someone was empowered, encouraged, and inspired! So this week, I decided that instead of writing about my weekend succeeding at hooking fish, but failing at landing them, I would share a few ladies that have been nailing fish lately :)

The woman who inspired my blog this week: She fished with Joseph Princen ( and got this beautiful coho twitching a hoochie jig


A good friend Kari Smith went out this weekend and not only slept in, but limited early!


This summer I met an awesome girl on the ocean trip. Kelcey Helvey and I share a few fishing buddies and we’ll be out again in  no time! She recently went out with her fiancé and got a few chum!


Shawnie Roney hit a major accomplishment this weekend. Something that I’ve never done! She got all 5 Pacific Northwest salmon knocked off her “fish list”! Not only did she fun hooking chum, she got a bonus coho as well!


Stacy Mayovsky is the beautiful girlfriend of Joseph Princen ( and snagged one of his open days to fish coastal kings.


Joyce Williams had a great day salmon fishing a couple of weeks ago and shared her catch with us! 


And last but certainly not least….Lora Varju, Just For Does prostaff, got her first ever salmon! What a great fish!


Great job to all the ladies working hard this fall!

Changed up fishing buddies

My fishing buddy was stolen by Joey Princen to fish for beautiful, wild steelhead so I headed out with our buddies Jake and Grayson to search for anything chrome :)

As always, I’m anxious to fish without Jeff no matter what the situation. With my crazy, busy schedule, it’s rare that we get time to hang out so fishing time IS when we hangout AND I always am eager to bring him back a fish. Doesn’t matter what it is, I’m like a little cat bringing a dead mouse to his feet. Mostly desire to show the teacher what I’ve learned and can accomplish on my own, partly my girly side trying to impress my beau <3

Right now, almost all the rivers are LOW and CLEAR! A few exceptions to the rivers made up primarily of glacial melt, but I wasn’t fishing one. With almost 10 feet of visibility in the water, I spent the week prior tying up the smallest little 1/4 oz jigs in the most subtle winter run patterns I could come up with. I fully intend on writing all about my choice for jig fishing in low, clear water this week :)

With just one other boat at the launch, I made my first cast in the morning with my most confident jig. It must have been nothing but wishful thinking to hope for another fish on the first cast of the day because I cast straight into a tree. Yes, even I cast into trees on occasion. Great……We fished our float and jigs for a little while before switching up to bobberdoggin. A technique that is easy to fish from a moving boat and great in almost all water conditions. This technique was new to Jake and Grayson so I was eager and excited to pass on some knowledge that had been taught to me. They were a little skeptical but we were over halfway finished with our drift, fishless, first boat down river, and at this point, was only out there for the good company.

I hit the first fish and while it wasn’t much, it was bright, hatchery, in the net, and a perfect little mouse to drop off on the porch.

On to the next fish….You know when you have something you’re really not confident in on your line? And you don’t want to change up for the sake of time or missing water so you fish it secretly hoping to cast into a tree or drift over a log under water?Maybe a jig that looks bulky and big in the low water, or a washed out skein with only a few eggs in your favorite king whole? Well, Grayson had a blue easy egg on that was intended as a joke and he just couldn’t shake it. Apparently, it was for good reason when he hooked into a chrome bright, scrappy 10lb’er. After a few head shakes, the elusive fish became even more elusive when it broke free from the 10lb leader.

Grayson was heartbroken, but we were glad we were getting into some fish, and still, having a really good time. Just a few minutes later I hooked into a fish that will haunt me for a LOOONNNGGG time. As I set the hook, the fish begins absolutely screaming upriver. She showed herself with two cartwheels and began charging the boat. As I reel as fast as I could to keep up with her coming at me, she too, broke free from my light line.

These were chrome bright, fresh from the salt steelhead. It this clear water, you make your choice to fish light gear, but I guess you have to remember the type of fish you will be catching should you be so lucky to hook into one. We didn’t get to see another fish, but I was glad to bring home something and have a really good day to put under my belt.

Jeff caught this beauty on his little trip and while he had about as much fun as I did on our separate trips, we missed our company and the teamwork that keeps us strong.


I’m still not skunked on steelhead if you count summer run, but only Andrew was so lucky to bring a winter run into the boat on Sunday. Not a bad way to go out in 2013 but here’s to an even better start on New Year’s Day! May the new year bring you many fish and even more memories to cherish forever!


New rod, new records!

What an fun weekend! really put the wood to my Loomis SAMR1265C and will not be turning back. Caught my record salmon, and had awesome company! :)