River Fishing For Pinks

Here’s a few tips to get you catching pinks in the freshwater. These fish are more than willing to bite given the correct presentation and can be a lot of fun to bring out the family!

2013 forecasts:

Skagit: 1.23 million

Green: 1.35 million

Puyallup: 1.24 million

Nisqually:  .76 million (764,937)

Hoodsport:  .52 million (51,647)

Keep your chin up

Along with a new boat means new fisheries, new techniques, and essentially starting over. Instead of the “cowlitz experience” that we were so looking forward to this winter, we’re spending our weekends putting effort into a new fishery so we can really have that experience. We side drifted and bobberdogged for the third trip so far this year only to see fish in basically every one else’s boat, and nothing for us. One little change up and I hit one first pass, but didn’t end up landing it and left the river with a stomach full of humble pie and the longing for that chrome bullet.

Knowing that not every trip will be as successful as the salmon fisheries we got to try this year, we were prepared for a few “skunks” but I certainly wasn’t expecting this many. And not just always in the boat, even bank fishing for winter runs, chum fishing the Nisqually, I’ve gone high and dry for weeks! But staying motivated and positive is what is going to make my next fish so much more special. I’m sure, a fish I won’t forget.

So when you’re new to fishing and can’t seem to catch a break, know that even experienced fishermen have bad periods and make every time you get to go out really count. Fish hard, stay positive, and remember, you can’t catch a fish if your line’s not in the water. I’m still hopeful for next weekend, but am just taking this down time with a grain of salt and learning more than I learn on a day that I catch my limit. Fishing is always about learning and improving and sometimes that means taking a few skunks, losing a few games, and going home with a long face.

Nisqually review!

Jeff got a brand new big, shiny boat on Friday and we definitely broke it in the right way! It’s a black 21ft by 84″ Willie Fuzion. We took it to the lake on Saturday and broke in the motors so we could hit the Nisqually Sunday to see what she’s made of. A few bumps later, we landed 4 adults, got his friend his first salmon ever, and broke the boat in the right way :)

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