Last weekend on the Skok

Clarissa’s husband, Curtis, fished the Skok Friday and says “I went 16 for 24 today. You guys gotta come out tomorrow.” So we do thinking it’ll be a quick morning and we’ll be out of there in no time!

Isn’t that always how it happens?? “Shoulda been here yesterday”. Fishing sucked and we hooked 8 between the 5 of us. 4 were jacks, Jeff and Clarissa each landed one and each lost one. The fish were biting their typical finicky way where nothing sticks and we headed out about noon. We hit the Puyallup Sunday and got stocked up on the eggs we wasted Saturday and managed to get a nice silver in the mix. Not exactly the way I’d like to spend my Sunday’s fishing, but I think starting next weekend, we’ll be full swing in salmon season with no breaks until November.

Here’s a couple shots of Clarissa fighting her fish. If I can’t hook one, I’ll be sure to be that good friend that captures your fight :)


FISH ON!!!!!

River Fishing For Pinks

Here’s a few tips to get you catching pinks in the freshwater. These fish are more than willing to bite given the correct presentation and can be a lot of fun to bring out the family!

2013 forecasts:

Skagit: 1.23 million

Green: 1.35 million

Puyallup: 1.24 million

Nisqually:  .76 million (764,937)

Hoodsport:  .52 million (51,647)