More ocean fun!

We headed out to Neah Bay for a brand new experience! We really don’t do much salt water fishing and we’re both missing the smaller rivers and are completely ready for fall kings, but it was a really cool experience to see so many new water creatures!

The first day we got a couple small ling cod and a few sea bass and then we found a nice little pocket of sea bass. We worked on them for a bit and limited the boat on rock fish twitching jigs. We even got a pretty nice size ling in the mix!

The next day “Fogust” was really making it hard for us so we stayed close to shore and targeted ling. I was at the ocean the last time I went fishing and all I wanted was a ling. Even when we salmon fished, I fished deeper in hopes to get a ling. So on Saturday, I didn’t get a ling and all I wanted on Sunday was a ling.

All the boys got theirs and I had lost 2. I finally got one and I was beyond excited! So by lunchtime on Sunday, we got our limit of ling, a Cabazon, and a bunch of different types of rock fish. The fog wasn’t going anywhere and we were more than satisfied with the amount of fish going home so we headed home.

We’ll be back in the small river for some fall fish and a couple little trips before the big hunting getaway!