shawney roney

Ladies putting in work this fall!

I had a great day fishing on Saturday although I didn’t land any of my fish! I had a little scuffle with another boat and while it didn’t ruin my day or my mood, it clearly impaired my ability to land fish! Lol.

A friend text me today and told me that their client is a frequent reader of Steelhead Girls and was inspired to fish. My heart skipped as I thought, “this is exactly what I want to hear!” The purpose of Steelhead Girls is to empower, encourage, and help women  and I got the best news that I’ve heard all weekend: Someone was empowered, encouraged, and inspired! So this week, I decided that instead of writing about my weekend succeeding at hooking fish, but failing at landing them, I would share a few ladies that have been nailing fish lately :)

The woman who inspired my blog this week: She fished with Joseph Princen ( and got this beautiful coho twitching a hoochie jig


A good friend Kari Smith went out this weekend and not only slept in, but limited early!


This summer I met an awesome girl on the ocean trip. Kelcey Helvey and I share a few fishing buddies and we’ll be out again in  no time! She recently went out with her fiancé and got a few chum!


Shawnie Roney hit a major accomplishment this weekend. Something that I’ve never done! She got all 5 Pacific Northwest salmon knocked off her “fish list”! Not only did she fun hooking chum, she got a bonus coho as well!


Stacy Mayovsky is the beautiful girlfriend of Joseph Princen ( and snagged one of his open days to fish coastal kings.


Joyce Williams had a great day salmon fishing a couple of weeks ago and shared her catch with us! 


And last but certainly not least….Lora Varju, Just For Does prostaff, got her first ever salmon! What a great fish!


Great job to all the ladies working hard this fall!