side drifting

Steelhead Limits!

With my studying, I’m having a hard time getting to fish both weekend days so I get very happy when we have a good day if we’re only fishing 1 day a week.

We headed back out with our new friend Steve and old friend Jerry in hopes to get a couple nice fish like we did last weekend. Aside from an hour of freezing rain (at least it felt like it was freezing), we had a phenomenal day on Sunday!

Going 9 for 14, we ended up with 8 fish in the box and 5 of them happened to be nice, big, bright hens!

We’re definitely more skilled at bobberdoggin but we’re fishing a river with shorter, deeper pockets so it’s a little bit more work to get our gear down quickly with the bobbers on. We were pleasantly surprised this weekend to have done so well side drifting. And as with bobberdoggin, we always try to have a mix of baits and artificial lures so that we can really key in on what the fish like that day. We try to treat every week as if it’s brand new with new water conditions, boat/angler pressure, different fish, different weather, and Jeff worked hard to make it pay off this Sunday!

Let’s hope this weather holds up so we can fish at least one day this weekend too!

Valentine’s Day

This weekend was definitely one for the ladies!

We headed out with an old high school friend and her boyfriend who happens to be as fishy as us and had a great day!

Not only was it great to catch up with her and get to know her boyfriend, they treated us with so much wonderful food! ahahaha. They are welcome to join us anytime and Jeff has designated Jess the official cook anytime she comes fishing :)

It was a little bit tough deciding where to go because we have recently gotten a lot of rain. Even when we got to the river, we were very skeptical about whether or not we would catch anything. After about 2 hours, Jeff finally hooks a nice little buck! 30 minutes later, Jess is hooked up! She’s only been fishing for a little over a year, but she picked up really quickly, goes often, and ended up out-fishing the boys (of course). When we have new friends join us, I always am quick to jump on the bow with them and make sure they are fighting the fish correctly so we can get their fish to the boat. I was ready to take this approach and she actually didn’t need my help! Steve has clearly taught her well and she was able to bring her fish to the boat like a pro!

She got this nice super hen shortly after Jeff’s fish

From that point on, there seemed to be a hook up every 30 minutes after that! Jess got another nice hen, although it was wild. I also got 2 fish, and unfortunately, our new friend, Steve, could only get trout to bite his hook.

Our friend Kari and Derrick also got a couple fish, but more importantly, she got this great hatchery hen on a yarnie!

There was a little joke that we had in our boat regarding a very optimistic co-worker of mine. He seems to be the most positive person on the planet, and even after just 10 minutes of conversation with him, you walk away feeling good about yourself and life. We decided to adopt his positivity and while Jess and Jeff designated themselves to his team, the whole boat ended up having a great time full of fish, laughter, and positivity.

So Jess and Steve, I hope we can fish again soon! A trip like that is exactly what I needed to take my mind off my studies and work :) Thank you guys!

G Loomis new IMX series

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G LOOMIS IMX  – steelhead rods don’t get any better than this!

G Loomis has recently come out with an entire new line of IMX rods. All of your favorite rods, from float fishing to trolling to side drifting and everything in between, have been re-introduced in the newest IMX blank. The blanks are still carbon fiber but lighter than ever, as flexible as a rubber band, and capable of taking on the baddest fish in the river.

This last weekend I got to put them to the test and I did just that. We took out the 1162s rated 6-10lb and 9’8” for a little side drifting action. We all know how incredibly sensitive the IMX’s and Steelhead Series rods were so it goes without saying these rods are still the most sensitive rods I’ve ever drifted with.

We already had one 8lb hatchery buck in the boat when I hook up. It came to the boat pretty quickly so I wasn’t expecting much until I felt the full weight beneath me as I tried to pull it up to the surface. I knew this fish was not ready and it was not coming in without a fight. It ran a little, but the fight was more in the dead, solid weight and head throbs beneath me. The boys hollered at me to hurry up “c’mon and stop cupcaking it!” I tried to tell them I was not cupcaking this one! It was solid and as I realize I’m fishing a new rod, I look down and say “look at the bend in this rod. There’s no way I’m cupcaking this!” The rod was doubled over and the bend went all the way to the cork. Most rods have a backbone point, even steelhead rods. You can tell where sensitive meets strength, but not with this guy!

As I warned the net guy I needed him to be quick, brave, and that he only is going to have one shot when I lift up, I was ready to really put this rod to the test. I have to admit, I was a little scared I would either A) pop the 10lb leader or size 4 hooks, or B) break my new rod if I lifted to fast. I put on my big girl pants and lifted this “cupcake fish” up so we could scoop her up and it was effortless!

I couldn’t believe how incredible that fight was. This is what steelhead dreams consist of! Beautiful chrome fish and getting to EXPERIENCE the fight. There will be no more horsing steelhead in on salmon rods and no more getting owned on rods that didn’t quite have the backbone needed. The new G Loomis IMX rods are capable of anything and everything and you’ll experience fishing like you were brand new again.

I landed the 14lb hatchery on it and we also landed 2 8lb hatchery fish, 8lb native, and the next day, this incredible 19lb hatchery buck.

We landed fish ranging from 8lbs to 19lbs all on the same rod and lost none! Even the best anglers lose fish on occasion, and I do believe that the new IMX blanks are going to increase the land ratio. The flexibility is incomparable to any other rod I’ve seen and it absorbs every single movement the fish makes which allows you to use as much or as little force as you need without pulling too hard or giving slack.

They are lighter and stronger than ever and really give you a whole new outlook on fighting fish. I’ve also purchased a few other rods in the new IMX blank that I’ll be sure to share with everyone in the next few months.

  • 13ft 1562-2 6-12lb used for free drifting springers
  • 11’4” 1363C 6-12lb casting rod used for float fishing Puget Sound salmon and steelhead from the drift boat or bank
  • 9”8” 1262S 8-12lb spinning rod used for float fishing Puget Sound salmon and steelhead from the drift boat or sled

Check out their breakage test! I’m not sure a fish would stand up against this!!


It’s important to enjoy who you fish with

I love fishing with this lady! We have quite the good time out on the water no matter what the circumstances or conditions :)

Plus she’s a fish slayer! It’s not too often that we get to fish together, but a couple weeks ago we got to spend the entire day from dawn to dusk hitting it hard. The result was that she went 2 for 3 on some extremely nice fish and while learning a brand new technique :)