silver salmon

Fall Salmon 2017 Sportco Ladies Night

For anyone that missed my presentation or wanted notes, I’ve FINALLY put my slides up. And for everyone else, I promise I’ve been fishing and doing fun things, but I’m STILL studying all of my free time away so blogging hasn’t been happening very much. Plus, I don’t fish much in the summer anyways but get ready for lots of fun this fall and winter!

Also, there is another Ladies Night at Outdoor Emporium on Thursday 10/12 from 5:30-7:30 with Ashley Nicole Lewis doing a presentation on fall salmon. Be sure to check that out and learn about different techniques and tricks from an amazing lady angler! There will also be tons of giveaways and SALES!


Loving coastal fall fish

Some of the best fishing happens when we transition from summer to fall. The rivers are low and clear, the fall fish are patiently awaiting in the Bay for big tide swings, full moons, and bringing those water levels up and dirty so they can begin their journey up river.

The water conditions were perfect this weekend and we headed to the top of the river to get those traveling fish that are staging up for a little break. It started out very slow in our first hole and the few fish we did catch, were a bit on the dark side. Not quite what we were expecting. We headed down river and searched around for some more fish and found a few more pulling plugs.

The fish were biting alright, but we were having a difficult time keeping them on and most of them were chrome silvers. Jeff pulled over and let me give it a whirl on the oars! I’ve pulled plugs and divers before in the drift boat, but never got any participants until Saturday! I got my first plug fish and got to finally return the favor, and put Jeff on a nice fish!


We kept fishing around and were a few silvers shy of our limit but headed to the takeout to get the evening low tide and dig our own sandshrimp! I unfortunately spent most of the night doing homework, but was well rested for another day of salmon slaying!

Sunday, we headed down river a bit to see if we could find some brighter, fresher fish and we did just that! We released quite a few darker fish, but managed to fill the box with chrome! We even got a bonus hatchery steelhead! It was our friend Zak’s first time in our drift boat and he did great! We all got fish on so many techniques, but majority of the fish on Sunday were on eggs.

We had several groups of friends in their boats and it was another fall fishing trip to go down in the history books. I love steelhead, but fishing the coast each fall with tons of friends is the type of trip that I look forward to every year and it’s exactly the type of trip we needed to get our fishing “fix” after so many weeks of hunting and preparing for hunting!

Outdoor Chic Clique Charter Trip

My first ocean trip! Amy Spoon organized an awesome trip with 24 girls from the Outdoor Chic Clique, a Facebook group, and Horns and Hooks was there to catch it all on camera! There were ladies from as far as Idaho and Oregon who came to Westport to fish on the Tequila Too. We searched for Yellow Tail Rockfish, Lingcod, and Salmon (kings and silvers). We ended up with a couple Yellow Eye Rockfish, 260 Yellow Tail Rockfish, about 10 Lingcod, and 10 silvers.

I headed out with a new friend, Kelcey Helvey, to celebrate her birthday and meet up with Kari and her mom for a little girls night out the night before. I was initially very nervous about getting sea sick, but I actually ended up loving the ride to our fishing destination! There is something about being on a boat crashing against the waves that makes me feel like a 10 year old on a roller coaster and I was happy that the ocean was no different.

I unfortunately didn’t get any lingcod which is what I REALLY wanted, but I came home with 10 rock fish which will cook up just fine! We started out with little flies for the rockfish and a few ladies even caught some salmon. I’ve fished in some water that was pretty thick with fish, but we literally just dropped our lines in the water, and came up with two fish every time! We had that limit in no time! We headed out a little farther for some ling and while I lost two, I did land a very, very large Yellow Eye Rockfish by accident. We quickly sent it back down so I didn’t get any pics or measurements, but it sure was awesome to reel in such a big fish!

After a couple of us landed a few of those, the captain made the good decision to relocate where there were less Yellow Eye rockfish. We got a few more ling and then headed back towards the coast for some salmon! We mooched for a couple more hours and it was awesome to see those fish run all over the place in the wide open water! A few Seagulls fell victim to the herring but were safely released back to the wind!

I’d have to say the way back in was my favorite part. We drank a couple beers, took a lot of pictures, and got to socialize and meet a ton of ladies who love to fish! It was a great event from Amy and she did an awesome job rounding up sponsors and putting together prize packs. Looking forward to the next one!


We did hit the river one last time for those killer b run coho and only ended up with 4 in the boat. 3 out of 4 were awesome fish, but it was hard, we fished hard, and we didn’t have the same ending our prior weekends were.

I am embarrassed to admit that I took 2 naps on the boat and ate lunch. Anyone who’s been on our boat, knows that does not happen. Jeff and I are both perfectly okay with fishing every single minute that we are on the water. Heck, that’s what we’re out there for right?! But I was feeling spoiled and this was entirely too much work for silvers after a night of just 3 hours of sleep.

We decided that steelhead were in the forecast for Sunday! Our buddy actually took us out in his drift boat so it was a nice relaxing day for all of us! There wasn’t a single other boat at the launch and we anchored up for the first slot. First cast of the steelhead season and a brand new jig tied the night before. FISH ON! I kind of thought maybe it was an old salmon or something. There’s no way I could be so lucky to have a steelhead (that felt heavy!) on my line on the first cast of the season. One glance and sure enough….that’s a nice steelhead!

With a little bit of hooping and hollering I got an awesome fight from a very nice hatchery fish. This is the best feeling ever! The adrenaline is pulsing through my veins as this silver bullet screams away from the boat and I tug back to keep away from the logs. Everyone is anticipating getting this fish in the boat and the closer it gets, the farther it runs. And then finally, a sweet feeling of satisfaction as I watch the fish enter the net.

The day was complete and it hadn’t even started yet. Although, I felt a huge wave of stress gone after getting the first of the season, I had no desire to stop now! We fished hard the rest of the day and didn’t get another until about 1 PM but this is what steelheading was! I got small buck in the afternoon and we fished all the way to the launch. I’m officially in steelhead  mode and I’ll be tying leaders and jigs for the rest of my winter break :)